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   Chapter 230 With a Girl, You Are Inhuman

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In another private room.

Ron pressed the "start" button and a weak and old voice came out from the recorder pen.

I, Ken Zhu, swear to the reputation of a detective of the police station that everything I said next is true. It was a night when summer had just turned to autumn. The cool breeze at night was really enjoyable. I drank some wine and drifted off to sleep. Then I was told that a vicious car accident had happened in the suburb. When we arrived at the scene of crime, I was almost sober up. We, several detectives, tried to rescue the people trapped in the overturned car, but it was too late. The man and the woman in the car had no breathing.

At that time, we thought that it was caused by drunk driving, so we did not think too much and sent the couple to the hospital for the final rescue.

After the rescue was not successful, we arranged the autopsy. The director of the police station came to take over the case as the autopsy hadn't been done yet, saying that the impact on the case was very severe. At that time, none of us felt anything wrong. We even felt happy because we didn't need to stay up late and we could go home and have a good sleep.

However, after we walked out of the hospital, we were attacked and threatened by the people of the Lan family. If we talked carelessly, we would die more miserably than that couple. What's worse, we would die, as well as our family. We had no choice but to obey since we had been threatened and tempted.

This old detective also told some details and processes, but it didn't help much about the car accident that year.

However, to Ron and Holley's surprise, other than the Lan family, there was another force that had found out the detectives in contact with the accident. They asked them to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone the details of the accident.

Ken didn't know which force it belonged to

r consciousness."

As he spoke, Ron walked forward, which forced the little woman to take a step back.

"I have to ask you, the person I contacted yesterday was exactly Rex, but why did you come? Is there any secret deal between you two? "

It was Holley's turn to turn to the man. She looked him up and down with cautious eyes.

She also followed the overbearing man and took a step forward.

This time, it was Ron's turn to feel guilty.

He couldn't help but take a step back.

Panicked and guilty as he was, Ron was still the bossy man.

"Don't overthink. Your husband is a man. It's not what you think, is it?" he asked in a commanding tone.

"Wow, you two sound so sweet!"

The door of the room was pushed open with unbridled voice.


Ron called out the man's name unhappily.

"Oh, what's the matter?" Fabian shrugged.

"What are you doing here?"

There was a complete disdain in Ron's tone.

"I was just trapped by love, so I had no choice but to bring Teresa and her brother to look for you..."

Fabian shrugged.

"With a girl, you are inhuman!" Ron snorted.

"You're also the same, my good friend..."

While he was laughing, Fabian leaned to make way to Ron and Holley for Teresa and her brother.

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