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   Chapter 227 Mr. Ron, Good Trick!

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Ron was shocked.

He didn't expect that she would take the initiative to kiss him...

At that moment, time stopped. Ron felt that his brain was blank.

He lost the ability to think, just hoping that this moment would never end.

Finally, he heard her speak again.

"Ron, I don't need your promise. I only want to see how you do it. If you let me down, if you fail my trust, you will lose your life. I meant what I said. "

Holley really did what she said.

Just now, she took the small pistol that Ron wore and pointed it at the man's eyebrows.

Ron laughed in his heart.

Because if he didn't pretend to fail to prevent, how could the girl get the gun?

But since this was what she needed, he would do what she wanted!

"Watch out for the fire!"

He raised his hands and said, "my performance won't disappoint you. Please take the gun away. I'm a little worried. If you shake your hands, you will have to be a widow. "

"I won't."

Holley couldn't help but burst into laughter. She leaned towards Ron and whispered in his ear, "my shooting skill is as good as yours."

After saying that, she turned the gun in her hand decisively and put it in the pocket of her clothes. "Confiscated it."

"Okay, be careful. Don't hurt yourself."

Ron smiled at his wife before he started the car and said, "let's go to a fancy restaurant."


Holley turned her head slightly and looked at the man beside her. She said in a low voice, "I won't go to the company with you tomorrow morning."


Ron thought of the message he received this afternoon.

He knew what was going on but he didn't want to miss the opportunity to tease his little woman.

"Are you asking for leave?"

When it came to work, Ron suddenly became serious. He said, "there are certain procedures to be used when asking for leave. You don't know how the process is going, so you should go to ask the HR."

"I'm Mrs. Holley. Should I go through the procedure?"

Holley was a little dissati

ot to report anything to you."

Holley remembered that she had another identity, which should be enough to hold Ron.

Holley patted the man on the shoulder next to her, and said in a superior tone like Ron, "Ron, as the president of the company, how can you treat the first shareholder like this? I should consider whether I should continue to let you be the President with your attitude. "

Ron bowed his head and smiled.

"Holley, I have to remind you one thing. There was a condition on the share transfer agreement of that year, that was, Ron Mu must be the President of the company all the time, unless he died. If you were to fire me, I would be the largest shareholder. And you would be just an ordinary employee. Do you want to change me? "


Holley rolled her eyes at that man. She had never seen that share agreement.

But she knew that the man must have left a lot of leeway for himself.

"I'm a scumbag, a scheming person. I can do whatever you like."

As for Ron, it seemed that he had never been angry with Holley for such a thing.

He just didn't mind it and smiled, then changed the topic, "by the way, you just said the situation this afternoon is special, because what have you been? You have to finish what you want to say, don't hesitate to say it, or I won't let you sleep late tomorrow! "

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