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   Chapter 226 Your Heart

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Ron found it an interesting question. How could he hide a woman like Nancy? He should hide Holley.

But she was too serious.

She was so serious that Ron even didn't dare to laugh. He tried hard to control the curve of his mouth slightly rising and then said seriously, "that woman told me that she would disappear from our lives forever after staying with me for a few minutes. We have left the hospital for a while, but she is still staying in the ward. It's so obvious that she doesn't want to disappear. "

"Since she doesn't want to do that, I can help her."

The man's look suddenly became serious and deep.

Holley was stunned and blurted out, "She knows your secret. She did know, didn't she? She could know the secret even I didn't know. "

There was a slight jealousy in her voice.

Ron smiled, "you are different from her. She learned the secret from my enemy. As for you, let me tell you in person. "

He gently pinched her cheeks and said, "silly girl, I will keep my promise. You will know my secret one day. Things have come to an end for what happened four years ago. Trust me. "

He said word by word, gripping her hands tightly.

He cared and treasured her trust.

Looking away from the man's eyes, Holley lowered her head slightly.

She trusted him, and she was willing to believe him, but she never said it out.

Speaking of which, she needed a little courage.

Ron didn't, nor did he insist.

He just smiled and gently patted the back of her hand. "Just now in the ward, it was enough for you to believe me. Silly girl, don't think about it anymore. It's not a complicated problem. What you need to do is to listen to your heart. "

After saying that, he released her hand and started the car. "Let's go for a big meal."

"Ron Mu!"

Holley suddenly looked up.

She was so excited that she grabbed the ma

d her on the back.

Before he could say anything to comfort her.

And Holley began again.

"I'm helpless and lack of courage, but I still decided to believe it."

She told the truth and tightened her grip on the man's tie.

Now torrential rain was pouring down. She was different from what she was four years ago.

Four years ago, in front of the court, she was desperately taken away by someone that she could only cry helplessly.

Now, she was a little helpless and even not confident, but she didn't cry all the time.

Fixing her eyes on that man, Holley said word by word, "for me, I died once. My heart is dead. "

Pointing at her heart, Holley sighed softly, "so, if you fail my trust, this time I will let you pay for what you did four years ago. Four years ago, I didn't do it, and I will certainly do it four years later. Ron, I will really murder my own husband. Remember what I said. "

"That matter four years ago won't..."

The thing happened four years ago was a pain in the heart of Holley, and of course it was a pain in Ron's heart.

His voice was a little hoarse, but he still wanted to give her a reassuring promise.

However, before he could finish his words, his lips were covered by a kiss...

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