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   Chapter 216 Is It Really That Simple

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Hearing Mr. Ron say that, Joyce felt relieved.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and said with a smile, "I'm leaving now."

To her surprise, when she opened the door, she was stopped by Mr. Ron's bodyguard.

"Mr. Ron!"

Joyce looked back at him in surprise.

Ron looked indifferently and said lightly, "What's the matter? Why are you calling me?"

"It's a deal. What I say is valuable. Please let me go."

She stressed the agreement just now. Ron grinned. "Really? But what you said, though valuable, is not enough. After all, my wife is more important in this world. You can't make up for what you said just now. You're rude to my wife, "

This was Ron.

He had no intention of letting go of Joyce.

He went downstairs because he wanted to hear things he didn't know.

Even if he had heard it, Joyce's fate would not change.

Her father was engaged in a luxury watch brand, but she was defeated in it. It should be the biggest irony and the perfect slap on her face.

Joyce was too angry to say anything.

She put down her dignity and begged, "Mr. Ron, I know I was wrong. Please let me go."

It was useless to beg.

As soon as Ron waved his hand, he asked his men to drag Joyce away.

In the banquet room upstairs.

Noticing that Ron had left, Jay stood up and walked towards Holley.

"Holley Ye."

Hearing this, Holley looked back and smiled at Jay, "what's wrong? Do you want to recommend someone to your cousin? "

Actually, she was thinking about the matter of Ron all the time.

At the moment, Jay was speechless.

Three seconds later, he said, "No."

"So what?"

Holley was stunned for a while. She couldn't figure out what kind of thing that Jay would need her.

"Do you remember your high school days?"

Not knowing how to bring that up, Jay talked about things in high school.

Holley nodded, "I remember that. Thank you very much for helping me back then and not getting me fired by the school."

She still rem


She left with anger.

Ron caught up, grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. "Where are you going?"

"I will stay wherever it is cool. I am dying of anger because of you!"

Holley was annoyed.

Ron was even angrier. Why on earth did she conceal anything from him on this matter and lose her temper with him so boldly.

Although he was angry, he didn't lose his temper. Instead, he coaxed her half heartedly, "cool! Stay by my side."

"Then what do you suspect?"

Holley asked in reply, rolling her eyes at the man without struggling and nestling against his chest.

Ron frowned again, "it's all in the past. Why don't you admit it?"

"Then why don't you admit that you have an affair with Linda, Nancy and other women?"

Holley was completely exasperated.

What the hell was that?

That man's brow was knitted more tightly. "That's two things. My situation is different from yours!"

"Is there anything different?"

Holley was so angry that she sneered. Then she nodded and said, "yes, we are different from each other. I've never dated Jay and you did, but you refused to admit it. "

"Since you don't trust me, don't force me to stay. Just as you said to me in front of the court four years ago. After I was released from prison, we divorced. I want a divorce. "

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