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   Chapter 215 Let Me Go

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This was just polite, but also a test.

There was one thing that Ron needed to confirm. That was, whether this Jay intended to do something to Holley after knowing they got married.

If so, he would talk to his grandpa and tell him that he couldn't hire such a man.

Jay was stunned.

Obviously, he didn't think of it. Just after meeting and greeting, Ron talked about his marriage.

But he was not a fool. He knew what Ron meant.

He nodded with a smile, "I appreciate your kindness, cousin. Before coming here, Elder Grandfather asked me about my personal question. He said that if there is a suitable girl, he would marry us in person. I'm afraid I can't trouble you with this matter, cousin."

He paused and looked at Holley. "Don't you want to have a talk with me, my old classmate?"

Holley had already sensed the tension between Ron and Jay.

But she didn't expect that the fire of war would be so inexplicably burnt on her.

She hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, "we will have a good chat when we meet. We will have a lot of chances to chat at the family feast tomorrow. But today, I have to show Mr. Ron around, because the company now really needs some talents. If you have any suitable candidates, you can recommend them to your cousin."

Ron was satisfied with Holley's answer.

He knew his little girl would never be taken away by anyone.

Because no one would be more outstanding than him and loved her more than him.

Waving goodbye to Jay, Holley and Ron went away hand in hand.

Jay felt lost.

His feelings, which had been hidden in his heart for so many years, were now broken into pieces.

Holley had been married. And she seemed to have no interest in him.

Joyce escaped from the banquet hall, but failed to escape from the hotel.

She ignored an important thing.


elay important things."

"Okay, thank you, honey."

Ron smiled, gently pinched the little woman's cheek, turned around and left the banquet hall. He went downstairs directly to the room where Joyce was locked.

Ron waved his hand and sent all the people away. Then he leaned against the door and looked coldly at Joyce Du, "go ahead."

"As I said, will Mr. Ron let me go?"

All Joyce wanted was safety, and all she wanted was to keep herself safe.

Ron shrugged slightly and said, "then it depends on whether the thing you said is worth it or not. But I can assure you that if you don't tell me, I won't let you go. "

Taking a deep breath, Joyce Du summoned up all her courage.

She recalled all of what had happened between Jay Zhong and Holley Ye.

As a senior high school student, what Jay did was called greatness. It could be said that he was crazy about love.

Moreover, Joyce even made up some parts of the story, such as after that Holley took a chance to be with Jay secretly and so on…

Ron listened carefully.

Finally, Joyce Du finished her words.

She gasped and asked, "Mr. Ron, is what I said worth it? Can you let me go?"

"Well, it's very valuable."

Ron nodded and commented.

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