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   Chapter 214 You Are Right

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When everyone thought that Jay was too kind and wanted to ask Holley for a favor for Ivy, considering their friendship as classmates back then.

Jay stopped beside Holley and Ron.

He didn't turn to ask for favor. Instead, he gave an arrogant glance at Ivy.

Pointing at her, Jay said, "she deserves it. She asked for it."

This was Ivy's last hope and also the last hope of Joyce Du.

The only old classmate who could help them didn't help them now.

Then they would be really helpless.

Ivy stood there in despair.

She could see clearly that there were five or six plates of coins waiting for her.

And she, in addition to being hit by coins, had no other way out.

With an expression of begging, she looked at Joyce.

"Help me."

She asked for help, but she had already seen through her opponent.

In this case, the only thing she could do was to escape.

Without hesitation, she turned around, squeezed into the crowd, and ran out of the banquet hall.

Ron just glanced at her back indifferently, and then continued to look at Ivy with his almost cruel eyes.

He held the little woman's hand and suddenly looked gentle.

Ron lowered his head and looked into Holley's eyes. "Let's go on," he said with a smile.

Ron held the little woman's hand again and perfectly threw the whole plate of coins on Ivy's body.

The man never meant to stop.

He would never show mercy to Ivy. He would do what he said.

If he wanted to give money to Ivy, he must smash these coins on her.

Holley pulled the man's hand and shook her head. "Forget it. Her head is broken."

"Save your crocodile tears!"

Ivy did not accept such a pleading of Holley.

She wouldn't surrender even if her head was broken and bleeding.

She shrieked and yelled, "Holley Ye! You bitch! You..."

Before she finished her words, Ron directly took the coins and smashed them onto Ivy's body.

He grinned cruelly, "not everyone is as kind as my wife."

Just now, the words from Ivy were no different from provocation.

And Ron was also using his action to express his attit

andpa, so naturally I'll call you cousin."

"And four years ago, when you got married, I was that cousin. Because of the weather, the flight was delayed for a day, and I couldn't attend your wedding."

As he said, he took out his mobile phone directly and found out the chat record with Master Mu, "it's Elder Grandpa who heard that I've made some achievements in design, so he asked me come back to your company to help."

The words dawned on Ron.

No wonder he thought the name Jay Zhong was familiar.

His grandfather once mentioned this cousin who was not related by blood, to him, but didn't talk about it in detail. He just said that he would talk about it in detail when they met.

"Have you visited grandpa?"

Ron said with a smile, but his eyes were slightly hostile.

He heard that the guy named Jay Zhong had written a love letter to his wife in high school.

What's more, judging from the situation just now, he must have been thinking about her all the time. Otherwise, how could he rushed out and be her flower guardian?

After a pause, he added, "but it's a coincidence that you and my wife are schoolmates. We are all old friends and family members. I'll invite you and Grandpa to come out and have a talk tomorrow. Since you seldom come back, why not make this party as a fellowship union? Tell me if you like some girl. I'll help you arrange a wedding. "

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