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   Chapter 213 Overbearing Mr. Ron

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Holley didn't understand why Jay asked her that.

Before she said anything, Ron's low and evil voice came from not far away.

"Honey, I heard that someone was getting you in trouble?"

He was wearing the same clothes as in the morning. With an unfathomable smile on his face, he walked inside gracefully.

The appearance of Ron Mu was more domineering and eye-catching than Jay Zhong.

Some of the women even screamed as they couldn't control their emotions.

However, along the way, Ron didn't look at anyone and just walked straight to Holley.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He didn't even raise his head, but looked at Holley with love in his eyes. "Baby, was the man in front of you difficult to you?"

Ivy and Joyce gasped with astonishment. Then they asked in unison, "are you the cafe manager?"

For them two, Ron was the Starbucks manager in the airport. At least he acted like this when they met in the morning.

"You are a fake!"

Pointing at Ron, Ivy screamed, "you're not Mr. Ron at all. You're just the small shop manager of the coffee shop. You actually act with Holley and pretend to be Mr. Ron and Mrs. Mu. What do you want?"

She questioned curtly, pointing at Ron and Holley.

"Ivy, don't talk nonsense."

Mr. Han scolded Ivy, squeezing his way through the crowd.

Mr. Ron was the funding of tonight's party, and to some extent, he was the funding of the school.

If there were some elites who were observed by Mr. Ron, they would talk with him about the rebuilt of the school yard and the change of equipment in the lab. He would not refuse.

Mr. Han was deeply scared by Ivy's irrationality, as well as her unprovoked scolding.

Today Mr. Ron called him suddenly.

However, he had spent a lot of time and energy on stud

if only a prince charming could come out and save her.

But Mr. Ron was so powerful and the schoolmaster's attitude was so bad.

Besides, when she treated Holley before, she was so domineering that no one would come to save her. No one even stood out to speak for her.

"Help her, Jay, please!"

Even though Joyce didn't suffer the coin smashing accident, she could figure out why Ivy ended up like this.

Whether it was in the morning or just now.

All these were schemed by her and Ivy.

However, Ivy was unlucky. Next she would not be able to escape from the pursuit of destiny later.

But among so many people present, only Jay helped Holley. And only he could make Holley, the woman who had now become Mrs. Mu, be willing to do him a favor.

There was a hint of astonishment in Jay's eyes.

He didn't know who this Holley was and she was different from what she was in high school.

He was in a trance.

More importantly, he didn't expect that Holley had been married to Ron.

Joyce's voice brought him back from the astonishment.

He first looked at Joyce Du, and then turned his eyes to look at Ivy Gao.

Jay nodded and walked slowly toward Ron and Holley.

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