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   Chapter 212 Dissolute Affair in High School

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"Okay, our handsome Mr. Jay, if you are willing to be a forever spare man, we don't have a problem with that. You can leave now. Anyway, you have paid for what you have to pay. "

Joyce stressed the words "money" repeatedly, just to remind Ivy not to be an anthomaniac and not to be uncomfortable. She should quickly use money to make trouble with Holley.

However, Ivy still felt hurt deep inside.

Her prince charming in the school days still despised her.

But didn't Jay know that she was the goddess in the hearts of many boys?

She was neglected and framed by the prince charming.

Ivy felt that her whole body was not good, but she insisted and did not lose her mind.

Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth, "Joyce, you're wrong. What is called the money to be compensated has already been compensated. It was Holley who broke my evening dress. Even if it is a high copy, it is worth a lot of money and needs to be paid. And I want Holley to pay for it. No one can replace her. Only an outsider who has nothing to do with Holley will make it worse. "

"Jay, I don't accept your money."

Ivy had recovered her former arrogance.

She had been looked down upon by her idol. She would never let Holley go easily.

If people like Holley could live happily, it was not reasonable.

She straightened her back and tried to keep a cold face.

Ivy looked at Jay and pretended to be calm, "take back your money. It's not you who made my clothes dirty. I don't need your compensation."

Then she turned to look at Holley. "You stained the clothes. Whether it is 20000 or 200, you should pay for it. Holley, you either lose money or go to the police station with me. I don't want anyone else who pays for you. I just want you to pay me back! "

Somewhat guilty, Ivy raised her voice on purpose, but she was still a little trembling.

"Step back. Step back."

Holley didn't respond, but the sound drew everyone's attention.

Behind Holley, all the people who were watching around gave way one after another.

A wa

said that even if he came from a rich family, he couldn't be the ignorant and rich second generation, because he would be bullied by the people in the company and be ignorant.

It was the little girl's childish words, but made him feel warm.

As for the thick notebook, Jay kept it.

Just like in his heart, Holley had held an important place in his heart from a simple love.

He worked hard for so many years just to return with honor and tell Holley that he didn't forget what she had said. He studied hard and didn't get bullied as an illiterate fool.

He also wanted to tell her that he had become the top designer through his own efforts.

He also wanted to pursue her, hoping to have a meaningful relationship with her.

But why was she called Mrs. mu?

Was she already married?

Jay only felt that someone hit him hard on the heart with a hammer.

He could accept the fact that Holley had gotten married.

After all, he hadn't accompanied her for so many years, but immersed in his career.

But how could she be Mrs. mu?

What was the relationship between the Mu family and the Zhong family? Between him and Ron…

Jay shivered a little, and he took a step back subconsciously.

Standing next to Holley and leaning over her shoulder, he said in a trembling voice, "are you the person who got married with Ron four years ago?"

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