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   Chapter 211 Face Slapping from Her Favorite Man

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Ivy also recognized this quite fashionable man in front of her.

This tall and handsome man.

He was Jay Zhong she pursued that year, the most handsome boy in her high school.

However, he was totally different now.

The former Jay was a sports type sunny boy, but now he was a cold and proud male god.

Jay Zhong in high school was in line with the aesthetics of girls in high school. Today's Jay Zhong was totally in line with the aesthetics of women in their twenties.

Even though Ivy was humiliated, her eyes were full of affection and she stared at Jay.

Joyce was more exaggerated and she incredibly swallowed saliva.

The details were all seen by Jay. He frowned in disgust and stepped back.

Ivy's pride was hurt. It suddenly occurred to her that her former classmate still protected Holley and humiliated her just as he did in high school!

"What makes you think that my dress is worth only 200 dollars? I bought the dress at the price of 20000 dollars. Why do you think you can turn it to be 200 by your words? "


Jay sneered at her. However, he didn't mean to explain anything to Ivy.

He ignored those two women and walked straight to Holley. "Do you remember me?"

With a gentle smile, Jay took out a name card from his coat pocket and handed it to Holley. "I, your classmate of high school, Jay Zhong, the famous international designer JL."

When he said those two English letters, many people in the fashion circle were shocked.

Many people knew that in recent years, a famous designer emerged abruptly and became a top designer in the world.

No one knew his name and which country he came from. People only knew that his name was the same as his brand and there were only two simple English letters: JL.

It turned out that this person JL was Jay Zhong.

He ignored Ivy's question, but in another arrogant way, he told all the classmates who came to the party.

He was qualified to judge the price of a piece of clo

ok around for? Is there any other man you fall in love with that you want to get laid with? "

In such a situation, Joyce and Ivy worked together to show their sisterhood.

Joyce voiced out her own opinion, trying to turn Jay and Holley against each other.

She didn't believe it. Now Jay was a successful person. Could he allow Holley to ignore his existence and be so absent-minded in front of him?

As expected, after her words, Jay noticed that Holley had been absent-minded all the time.

"What's wrong? Are you not feeling well? "

Jay asked with concern.

Joyce said with a cold smile, "Mr. Jay, don't lie to yourself. Even a fool can tell that Holley doesn't take you seriously. What are you doing? As a delivery girl, even if we didn't ask her to pay twenty thousand, two hundred would be enough to make her heart ache for many days? She is so kind that she doesn't thank you, but she doesn't pay attention to you. She's really heartless, and it's not worth it..."

Before she finished her words, Jay interrupted, "I'm the one who helped her. It's her freedom to do whatever she wants. It's not that I helped her. She should be grateful to me and even give me a hug!"

He had a sharp tongue just like Ron.

At this moment, Holley still lamented in her heart that the two men were similar.

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