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   Chapter 210 Girl Escort

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"Ivy, Joyce, what are you talking about, take away girl?"

Ivy Gao talked with Joyce Du without any scruple.

They even raised their voices eight degrees in order to publicize Holley's scandal.

"What can we say? Do you remember the Holley ye I mentioned? She was reckless at school. As expected, she did something dirty and got expelled from the University."

"Exactly! That bitch went to deliver takeout and she even wanted to seduce her boss. I bumped into her in the morning with Ivy. "

Neither Ivy Gao nor Joyce Du was reassuring person, and they spoke continuously.

"Speaking of this, that bitch's boss seems very handsome, doesn't he?"

Thinking of Ron, Joyce Du couldn't help but have a crush on him.

Ivy Gao curled her lips with disdain and said, "just a manager of a coffee shop? Changing to our Gao's Catering Company, he is just an employee of my father. What's the use of being handsome? He should be as tall, rich and handsome as Mr. Ron."

After thinking for a while, Joyce Du said, "you're right. He is just a small manager. It's a question whether he can earn ten thousand dollars in a month. But will that bitch Holley come tonight? "

"Of course she will. Otherwise, how could she be willing to deliver food to others all her life?"

To show her disdain for Holley, Ivy Gao rolled her eyes at the distance.

Soon, rumors about Holley ye were spread throughout the banquet hall.

At the same time, the gossips about Holley Ye, Ivy Gao, Joyce Du, and school king Jay Zhong had also been dug out by those who were willing to gossip.

Originally, the two rich young ladies Ivy Gao and Joyce Du did not like each other.

They were madly pursuing a senior student at that time and the dream lover of their school, Jay Zhong.

As a result, when they were jealously having an appointment to fight on the playground, Jay Zhong was punished by the school for writing love letters to Holley Ye.

As a result, Ivy Gao and Joyce Du made peace and became good friends. They hated to see Holley everywhere and bullied her together.

Downstairs the hotel.

In the Maserati, a hint of confusion flashed through Ron's eyes.

He didn't know that when she wa

at Ron was almost there.

"Really? Did I make up my mind? I thought it clearly. Of course you have to pay for my clothes. "

Ivy Gao was pissed off. She didn't like Holley, who had already lived a miserable life to an extent that couldn't be worse than she did. Moreover, she always looked cool, aloof and superior, which was disgusting.

"Oh, God, what should I do..."

Holley sighed and shook her head.

Through the communication device on her body, she knew that Ron had already arrived at the banquet hall.

She paused on purpose, because there was still the second half sentence to be said by Ron.

However, it was not the man who said the second half sentence. It was a man Holley felt completely strange about.

"Yes, but what can you do? 'I can't believe my eyes! A girl who bought an expensive fake in her wechat moments told me that the model was a limited edition of a foreign designer. These days, we can customize it for only 20, 000 dollars, and also the limited edition, which doesn't take our designers seriously, does it?"

The man said in a somewhat unruly way. Then he glanced at Ivy Gao in disgust. He took Holley by the arm and pulled her to a place far away from them. Then he took out four one-hundred from his wallet and threw them to Holley as if he was treating the beggar. "Buy two, and change when wearing."

"Jay Zhong!"

Someone in the crowd recognized the suddenly appeared girl escort and called out his name.

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