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   Chapter 209 Decoys Are Thrown, and Someone Is Hooked

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In the President's Office of Mu's Group.

There were more than ten executives in the company. They found Ron and asked to resign.

Most of them wanted to get some compensation before leaving the company. So they chose to terminate the labor contract with the company today even if the next company's offer had not been handed out.

However, these people all underestimated and had no idea of what kind of person Ron was.

He was the kind of man who would never let others take advantage of him.

The Mu's Group was in trouble. It was impossible for them to run away from it and ask for compensation.

The reason why he said in the executive meeting held at noon that those who quitted today could get compensation was just deliberately throwing out a bait to catch these people with different intentions.

Those executives who wanted to make compensation were all found out by Ron that a major mistake had occurred in their past work.

They were suspected of selling the company secrets, misappropriating the public funds, or something else.

Anyway, they couldn't get the compensation.

Seeing that the manager was dismissed one by one by Ron, Holley gave a thumbs up in admiration and said, "you are really good at getting the bottom of it."

"If it's you, you've been preparing for it for years. You're no worse than me."

The little woman's words seemed to remind some memories in Ron's heart.

He didn't say it triumphantly.

"How many years have you prepared?"

Unconsciously, Holley blurted out this question.

Ron raised his head and stared at his little woman. After a long silence, he said, "that doesn't matter. I can't remember it clearly."

In fact, Ron remembered that very clearly.

Every day, every minute, every second of the past four years, he remembered clearly.

But he didn't want to calculate the time in front of Holley.

After a pause, he looked at the indicator of his watch and continued, "I guess there is no longer one who is going to resign, is there?"

Holley nodded affirmatively, "Mr. Tang just now was the last one."


e to try my best and plot for you. My silly girl, listen to me. You can go to the classmate reunion later and sit next to the two guys this morning. I'll show up in ten minutes. Then there will be a good show. "

"Oh, I almost forgot it,"

As if remembering something, Ron added, "you don't need to change your clothes and neither do you need make-up. Keep your takeaway girl image. "

"All right. I would like to know what a show Mr. Ron is going to make. "

Holley agreed.

Ron just gave her a pampering smile and said, "little fool, of course it's a good show to satisfy you."

The Splendor Hotel of Mu's Group was extraordinarily bustling today.

A lot of people who lived and worked in this city had come to attend the alma mater student union sponsored by Mr. Ron.

In the daytime, the two people who taunted Holley also arrived.

They were quite confident about their university and major.

Their life would be perfect if they could work in the Mu's Group and marry a high-quality man.

If she could marry a wealthy man like Mr. Ron, she would have a meteoric rise.

Because it was a classmate meeting, and they met Holley this morning, the topic of their conversation turned to Holley. "Do you think the take out guy will come?"

"I guess that bitch is busy with seducing the boss. She was very restless when she was at school. "

Another woman said maliciously.

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