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   Chapter 208 His Ambitions

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The photo on the passport was a man's photo. He didn't do any plastic surgery after severely burn on his face.

The name on the passport was nothing more than ordinary name, Felix Zhang.

Patrick slowly turned around and looked at Craig. "Craig, look at the photo. And do you think the face of your adoptive father is the same as the one in the photo?"

Before he could finish his words, Craig heard his sister screaming behind him.

His adoptive father's face was so flushed that it looked very terrible. That was why Bella was taken aback.

Craig also saw the horrible face of his adoptive father.

He seemed to understand why his adoptive father was unwilling to take off his mask.

It was shocking. It was really scary.

More importantly, Craig confirmed that the man in front of them was not Patrick Xiang. The distribution of his features was completely different from that of Patrick.

Taking a breath of cool air, Craig walked over, holding the mask in his hand.

"Adoptive father, I'm sorry. I was reckless."

He did what he said. He knelt on the ground with his hands putting on the mask.

Raising up his adopted son, Patrick laughed and said, "silly boy, no one would bear grudges against their son."

"Adoptive father, i..."

Craig was rendered speechless.

He felt ashamed of himself. How could he treat a person who treated him well and sincerely?

"My child, I don't have any other thoughts. I just want to know who sent you this message to alienate our father and son's relationship."

Craig never planned to show that message to his adoptive father.

According to his original idea, even if he proved that his adoptive father was not Patrick, he would not show this message to his adoptive father.

Because in this way, the insider would be exposed.

However, when things had come to this point, although Craig was hesitant, his adoptive father's generosity made him feel warm in his heart, so he handed his phone over.

Looking at the information on the mobile phone, Patrick already knew the answer, but he said calmly, "my child, listen to your adoptive father's advice to investigate this person."

"Don't worry, adoptive father. I will find out the traitor who has separated our father and son's relation

use she was so unwilling to be his woman, and enjoyed the treatment that Patrick's woman deserved.

Then she would continue to be Mrs. Lan and enjoy his revenge.

With a malicious and insidious expression in his eyes, he said with a smile, "because you don't deserve to be a mother. You are the person that the kid Craig hates most. So what you said should have been the most trustworthy. However, he didn't believe you at all. "

After showing off, the smile on Patrick's face disappeared. He waved his hand to his subordinates and said, "keep an eye on her. If I find her send messages to the outside world again, you will be doomed."

After saying that, he looked at the woman who was choking with sobs. "If you want to kill others, just have a try. After all these years with me, you should know I don't care about other people's life. "

This was a naked threat.

Patrick walked up, took out her phone from under the pillow and said, "I'll keep this for you. You can rest assured that I won't treat you badly after you've been with me for so many years. After I destroy Lan family, Yan Family and Mu family, I will give you some money so that you can spend the rest of your life safely. "

The more he said, the more vicious and gloomier his smile became…

Staring at Patrick blankly, Mrs. Lan shook her head confusedly at the completely strange back figure.

He was just a young man in his early twenties. How could he have enmity with the Lan family, the Yan family, and the Mu family?

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