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   Chapter 207 The Face Under the Mask

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Bella was impulsive.

She was not a person who liked to use her brain.

She turned around and ran into the villa.

Craig stretched out his hand in an attempt to stop his sister.

But his hand stopped in the air when he just reached out half of it.

He hesitated for a second and decided not to stop his sister.

It was because Craig also wanted to know what his adoptive father, who suddenly showed up around him after his father's death, was like.

After all, when he met with his adoptive father for the first time, he was still a child, so he did not think much about it, nor did he have any curiosity about what his adoptive father looked like behind his mask.

However, as he grew up, he got more and more familiar with things, and he was also curious about his adoptive father's appearance.

However, his adoptive father was very agile. When he was a young man, he had tried to take off his mask in a joking way, but every time his adoptive father avoided him, and cleverly grasped his hand, not giving him any chance to take off his mask.

He had asked why his adoptive father was unwilling to take off his mask.

At that time, Craig wasn't with any selfishness. He just wanted to know what his adoptive father was like who had always taken care of him and helped him.

So when his adoptive father told him that he burnt his face in a fire, he stopped asking and being curious.

But today's message affected his deepest curiosity and eagerness.

What did his adoptive father look like?

Was this sudden appeared adoptive father Patrick Xiang who let his mother betray his father and destroyed the Lan family?

After all, so many years had passed, no matter how hard he had tried to find out the whereabouts of his mother and Patrick Xiang, the two people seemed to disappear from thin air. There was no trace of them at all.

The only possible explanation for their disappearance was that they appeared in his life as the most intimate identity and the most intimate relationship. So t

r and apologize sincerely. "

He had grown up and was a good fighter, but he had never fought with his adoptive father.

Craig was betting. After so many years, his adoptive father was getting old, and his physical strength was also getting weaker.

After pushing his sister to a safe place, Craig darted at the mask on the face of his adoptive father and grabbed it.

It was out of Craig's expectation.

He thought it would cost more or less physical strength, and even had to go through a fierce battle before he could take off the mask on his adoptive father's face.

But he was wrong.

Standing with his hands behind his back, his adoptive father didn't dodge or resist, just silently watching Craig take off his mask.

The moment he took off his mask, Patrick turned around directly.

Craig was stunned. It was almost certain that his adoptive father, who had helped him for many years, was the enemy of the Lan family.

Now, it was just a confirmation at last.

He rushed to see his adoptive father's face, but was stopped by his adoptive father.

"Craig, don't you still want to know the name of your adoptive father?"

There was a tint of vicissitudes in his voice.

Then, he took out his passport, threw it to Craig, and said, "check the name and photo of your adoptive father first, and then look at my face."

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