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   Chapter 206 Are You Still in Connection with Her

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There was no reason for Bella's suspicion.

After all, only the Lan family could command the connections at the police station which were arranged by the Lan family.

There were only two members of the Lan family, the brother and the sister.

Bella wouldn't suddenly be kind to Linda.

It was obvious that the person who did this was her brother.

The man was stunned for a while. He had never done such a thing.

He hesitated for a moment. He had an idea, but he didn't speak it out in front of his sister. He only said vaguely, "don't worry. Brother doesn't really want to be good to that woman. She is just useful for the time being. I has too many things to deal with in the company recently, so I forgot to tell you. "

After coaxing her again and again, Craig sent his sister away. With full of doubts, he drove to the villa of his adoptive father.

Craig had a crazy idea in his mind.

Because, in addition to him and his sister, there was another person who was able to ask the connections of the Lan family to do this.

It was his adoptive father, not other people.

At that time, in the most critical moment of the Lan family, it was his adoptive father who appeared.

The Lan family had long been ruined without his adoptive father.

Ten years ago, Craig had proposed to give part of his shares to his adoptive father.

But his adoptive father refused.

Craig had tried to seek an opportunity to mention it several times, but every time he was rejected.

Later, he didn't know what to do. He couldn't be a person who didn't know to be grateful. So he gave an order to all the contacts of the Lan family. As long as it was the meaning of his adoptive father, they had to obey as his order.

He even said that if the order of his adoptive father had conflict with him or his sister, it should be decided by the meaning of his adoptive father.

But why did his adoptive father go to rescue Linda, who was completely out of her mind and said something like a lunatic.

All his doubts were written on his face.

When Patrick saw him, he also sighed and said, "Craig, what's wrong with you? Can't you bear t

he message. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

As a mother, she was the most eligible and the most qualified one to protect her son, but she was an incompetent mother…

Craig was still discussing with Patrick about dealing with Mu's Group.

Even if he received a message, he would not have time to reply.

After two hours of conversation, Craig stood up and said goodbye to his adoptive father tiredly.

Before he left, Patrick kindly reminded him not to forget the previous message.

Craig nodded and told his adoptive father that he didn't need to see him off. Then he read the message.

The text not only shocked Craig but also made him hesitate.

He turned back involuntarily and looked at his adoptive father with confusion.

Patrick seemed to have sensed something. He nodded and waved at Craig. "Go ahead, boy. Your adoptive father is your strongest backup. "

Craig felt warm in his heart.

Then he waved his hand and walked out of the villa.

He was thinking about that message so he didn't notice his sister was standing outside the villa.

"Brother, what are you looking at?"

She grabbed his phone and looked at the message.

"Patrick Xiang!"

Bella had heard of this name. She knew it from an early age that this guy Patrick Xiang destroyed her family.

"Is that your adoptive father who lived in the villa? Is it the bastard? "

Bella looked at her brother and the villa with hatred.

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