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   Chapter 205 The Essence of Slapping You on the Face

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Although she didn't understand what his intention was, Holley took the takeout and went out of the coffee shop obediently.

When she turned around and walked away, she heard someone sneering at her.

Ron looked deep into the two women, as if trying to remember what they looked like.

After a deep look, he turned around and walked out of the coffee shop.

Holley didn't go far. She stopped at a place where her two high school classmates couldn't see her, waiting for Ron.

"Are you afraid that revealing your identity will damage your business of sneaking back home today? That's why you said just now?"

Holley glanced at the man discontentedly, "if it is for this reason, I will forgive you. If you want to make a fool of me by joining hands with outsiders, I will smash the coffee on you. "


What Ron heard was always different from what Holley wanted to express.

"You mean, they are outsiders. Are we on our own? "

He asked with expectation.

Holley glared at him and said, "I thought as a delivery worker, you, Mr. Ron, would feel ashamed. But why do you take their side? "

"You little fool."

To see that little woman really cared about what he had just done and did not understand the real intention of what he had done.

Then, he explained in a very serious tone, "you should know that the essence of slapping a face does not lie in the first time when the other party is proud, you slap over. It is to wait until the other party is satisfied to the extreme, and then you slap over. It will be cruel and painful enough."

"So what? You want them to be happy first?"

Although Holley understood what he meant, she still didn't believe him. She asked, "but? When are you going to slap their face? Do you want to meet them again? "

"Of course!"

Ron replied in confidence.

He couldn't tell her now though he had already made a plan.

Holley had a profound understanding of this man's habit.

He was that kind of person. He would tell you everything he wanted to tell without you asking.

As for those things that he was not willing to tell, that was those things that he didn't want to tell. Even if you tried your best to ask, it was useless.


With a sigh, Holley helplessly said, "I'll have to wait

lost to Ron.

This man, was too deep to be discovered.

In order to deal with his competitors, he had hidden for four years.

And he paralyzed all people with four years of extravagance and drunkenness.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have taken back the shares so easily.

Somehow, it reminded Craig of what happened not long ago.

He asked his adoptive father whether he should sell stocks. His adoptive father's two proposals were to ask him not to sell stocks, but seeing that he was determined, his adoptive father changed to say that he could try to go his own way.

Craig regretted.

Maybe he shouldn't go his own way at all.

After all, his adoptive father had lived for so many years, and he had seen much more ups and downs than him.

But now, he had lost again heavily. If it weren't for the fact that the Lan's Group was rich in resources, it would have been done long ago.

He had to ask his adoptive father for advice in the current situation.

He was going out in a hurry, but was stopped by his sister, Bella. "Brother, where are you going?"

"I have something to deal with."

Even Bella didn't know the existence of his adoptive father, so Craig chose to lie.

Bella was stunned for a while. She didn't believe him. "Brother, you know I hate Linda. Since she was caught, I took advantage of the connections of the Lan family to make her have a bad life. But recently, that man refused to work for me. Brother, is it you who ask the staff of the police station to be kind to her?"

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