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   Chapter 204 How to Become a Delivery Girl

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Ron remained mysterious as usual. He just smiled and did not tell Holley the reason.

"You are so stingy," Holley curled her mouth.

"You will know when you go back."

Ron just smiled unfathomably and began to help Holley pack up.

In fact, they didn't have much to pack up. Most of their things were in the hotel room.

Thinking of the fact, Holley stopped and asked, "are you going to return home without returning to the hotel and taking the groceries?"

"Bingo, you are right."

Ron pinched her cheek with delight. He liked her quick wit.

Holley said, "But those things cost us a lot of money. And a present for Grandpa. "

She had never lived such a rich life before.

So, let Holley leave so many things in the hotel, she would feel heartache.

"And don't you want the tie I bought?"

Thinking of the tie that she chose for a long time, Holley felt again sad.

"Of course not."

Ron was amused by her pitiful look. "When we return to the country, Roger will personally come to Alaska. After he packed all the things, he will bring them back to you. Now, you can rest assured, right? That tie means a lot to me. It's too precious to be thrown away. "

"I'm glad to hear that. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money,"

After saying that, she was somewhat relieved, with a few smiles on her face.

"What is wasted? Is it a waste of money or your intention? "

Ron seized the opportunity to ask. He had confidence in their feelings, and he had more confidence in his little woman.

No matter what happened, the right person, and even after a round, their hearts would still be together.

"What waste what?"

Holley didn't know what to say.

She didn't know whether it was a waste of money or her efforts.

"What did you say was wasted?"

The man got closer to her and asked with a smile.

His smile was always so evil, and his voice was always so bewitching.

Looking at the talkative eye

that we were well connected, it would be impossible for us to find out the reason why she was expelled from school for her improper behavior. "

It suddenly occurred to Holley that.

They were her high school classmates.

But their relationship was not so good. The two girls were little princesses in rich families.

But Holley was just a girl from an ordinary family who had used the grants to support her student's career.

Regularly Holley and these two people are unlikely to have any intersection, but it was a love letter in that year that made their relationship bad from high school to graduation.

But judging from what they said, it seemed that the information was not accurate.

Didn't they pay attention to the news and know the famous attempted murder of her husband four years ago?

When Holley was hesitating whether she should call Ron over and slap them on the face, the man came over unexpectedly.

Holley just wanted to say that you came at the right time. Hurry to show your identity.

But Ron shouted at her in a very stern tone first, "I asked you to deliver the takeout, but you dared to stay here, chatting with someone. Do you want to work or pay?"

Holley stunned, was this man crazy?

When she was distracted, Ron ordered again, "hurry up!"

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