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   Chapter 203 It's Sneaky, Isn't It

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Young Master Lei didn't plan to tell him the secret.

"Father, you will understand one day. But I can't tell you now. "

"My son, your father has no other ideas. I just hope Holley is not the second Jane Yin."

However, Mr. Lei didn't go on asking, but sighed.

What happened at that time destroyed their father son relationship.

Even if his son had never showed any dissatisfaction, he knew that his son for so many years refused to get married and did not allow others to talk about feelings. That was why he could not let go of what happened in the past.

But he was her father. What else could he do?

He knew clearly that a woman approached his son with ulterior motives, why didn't he stop her?

Young Master Lei frowned when his father mentioned that forever impossible woman in his heart again. "I have something to do. I have to hang up. Please let me know in advance about Teresa's wedding. "

Without waiting for his father's response, he hung up the phone.

At that time, his father suspected that Jane Yin had an ulterior motive to appear in his life.

That was why tragedy happened afterwards.

But he was the one involved in this matter. He knew very well that if Jane Yin really approached him with a purpose, she must have done that to steal his heart and make him love her forever.

He was unwilling to think about the painful memories.

He hung up the phone, drank the whole bottle of liquor and fell asleep.

Inside the log cabin.

Ron even did not take off his coat and turned on the computer directly, sitting in front of the table and operating the stock market.

Holley searched for the clothes she had worn yesterday with her careful thinking.

She clearly remembered that the video device was put in her pocket.

But she couldn't find the video device anymore.

Last night, the video device which Ron took and went to blame Young Master Lei and his sister must have been obtained from her.

But there were not many people who knew the video was in her hand. There were only four, including her, Young Master Lei, Teresa and Rex.

She didn't say about the video.

Young Master Lei and

had no idea who owned it.

This was a very bad phenomenon.

If all these shares were owned by one person, that person would be qualified to be one of the shareholders of the Mu's Group.

He used the network tracking technique to trace the stocks, but the stocks didn't seem to fall into the hands of the same person, just scattering in the hands of many investors.

These scattered investors didn't seem to be related to each other, but Ron's intuition told him that there must be a big hand behind these scattered investors.

"What's wrong?"

Looking at the man's expression, Holley also became nervous and worried.


Such was Ron's nature. To his little woman, he just told the good but never complained the bad.

"Then you…?"

Holley didn't believe his words.

However, Ron had no intention to explain anything.

He turned off the computer and stood up. He declared to the little woman bossily, clean up and go home."

As he spoke, he packed his things.

In case there would be something wrong later, Ron reminded her, "we are going to return to China secretly on a civil aviation flight, so we can't tell anyone about our whereabouts, including Young Master Lei, Teresa and Fabian."

"Why did we go back to China secretly?"

Holley couldn't understand the behavior of Ron.

They made a great show and took the private plane when they came.

Why did they sneak up when they went back?

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