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   Chapter 201 You Are Not Qualified

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This was a warning even a fool could hear.

Holley stopped in a daze.

What did he mean by stabbing the Lei family in the back?

She had never done such things.

She suddenly stopped and Teresa who followed her and was absent-minded hit Holley directly as she didn't notice that.


The two women's groan alarmed the remaining three men.

Both Young Master Lei and Fabian ran to Teresa and asked nervously, "are you okay?"

"Nothing, I just bumped into her by accident."

Teresa smiled and waved her hand, indicating that she was fine.

However, Young Master Lei was irritated. "What do you mean by bumping by accident? Why did Holley suddenly stop when she walked? I think she has an ulterior motive. "

His words were like gunpowder, which made Fabian worried.

She was the woman attracted him, but on the other hand she was the wife of his good friend whom he had known for years.

He was in a dilemma.

Ron pulled the little woman into his arms, "do you feel uncomfortable?"

He didn't expect that Young Master Lei would come to threaten his little woman at this time.

He still thought it was the girl who was beaten yesterday, leaving any sequelae.

Fabian said according to the principle of being harmonious, "Young Master Lei, Holley was indeed injured. Maybe it's a sudden attack. Please don't take it to heart. "

Young Master Lei snorted with dissatisfaction, while Teresa kept persuading him, "brother, just let it be. Forget it. Miss Ye didn't do it on purpose. "

Miss ye?

Holley was stunned.

She called her Holle yesterday, but she changed today.

It seemed that something that she didn't know must have happened. Otherwise, the attitude of Teresa and her brother would not be like this.

After hesitating for a while, Holley did not tell him what had just happened, but walked in the back with Ron, keeping a distance from them.

In the small restaurant, the five people didn't have a good breakfast.

Fabian was extremely frustrated. Dur

t listen, I don't want to say anything more. But I have to remind Young Master Lei that don't think that only the three of us know the truth of what happened yesterday. "

What Holley said shocked them.

It was true that they had forgotten that there was another person who knew the truth.

The person was the one who had saved Holley and recorded that video.

What Holley wanted to say was that the video was in Ron's hand. Maybe it was done by her or by the person who saved her yesterday.

She was also telling Young Master Lei that groundless suspicion was a stupid act.

"Holley, Teresa and I grew up on the sea. We believe in the oath. Dare you swear by the truth of your parents' car accident, saying that you didn't give the video to Mr. Ron?"

Young Master Lei's eyes were shining with pure light and he looked at Holley.

"Young Master Lei, I don't think you are qualified to make such a request."

Holley politely refused, "If Teresa didn't appear in the video yesterday, I would never cover it up for you. Therefore, only Miss Lei is qualified to ask me to do this. If she insists that I give the video to Mr. Ron, I will swear. "

After saying that, she looked at Teresa with a smile. "Teresa, I really appreciate your help yesterday. I will cherish our friendship as you do. So, do you need me to swear? "

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