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   Chapter 200 No Good End!

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He had a new and perfect plan.

Young Master Lei just treated the doctor as his brother-in-law.

Seeing that the doctor was somewhat confused, and always mentioned something that his sister did not like, he spoke directly to break the embarrassing atmosphere directly.

"Mr. Ou, why don't you invite my sister and I, as well as Mr. Ron and Mrs. Holley for breakfast?"

He suggested, and added, "Teresa and I haven't had breakfast yet. "

This was no longer a hint, but a direct expressing.

If he couldn't understand it, he would be a fool.

This instantly dawned on Fabian. He hurriedly replied, "no problem. I'll be the one in charge. What would you two like to eat? As long as they are restaurants you can name in Alaska, I can find their chef."

"Wow! Mr. Ou is so rich!"

Young Master Lei praised him with great satisfaction.

For him, his sister should be married to a man from such a family.

As for Ron, although he had a good family background, he was still inferior to the Ou family.

"But I'm not particular about food. It depends on Teresa."

As a brother, Young Master Lei tried his best to create an opportunity for his sister and the doctor.

However, Teresa was a little restless.

Last night, she witnessed something that was cruel to her.

She saw that Mr. Ron took the small video device and angrily barged into her brother's room.

Needless to ask, she knew that Mr. Ron had seen everything and seen the worst side of her.

Although Mr. Ron did not say anything to her, she knew that everything had changed.

In the past, she was at least a good person in Mr. Ron's heart, but now…

Because of seeing that cruel scene, last night she was alone in front of the Wishing Wall, lost in thought.

Teresa didn't hear what her brother said at all. She only heard that the people next to her kept talking and seemed to have mentioned her name.

She nodded absent-mindedly and blurted out the answer that could deal with anything, "whatever."

Obviously, she was ab

the video. But don't worry. I have dealt with it. I hope you can be happy. "

"Brother, I..."

She wanted to explain that last night she did not sleep and wandered alone not because of guilt.

But she chose to shut up when she saw Fabian walking towards her.

Fabian rubbed his head with some embarrassment, "It seems that it's not the right time for me to come. Why don't you two stop talking when I just arrived? Didn't you talk well before?"

"That's because we have just finished."

Young Master Lei explained in a clever way and changed the topic directly, "have you invited someone?"

"Of course."

Ten minutes later.

Then, the five of them headed to the small restaurant of the ski resort.

Ron was extremely cautious and brought his laptop with him.

But it was embarrassed for the five of them to walk together.

Teresa didn't speak. Young Master Lei looked at Ron with hostility, and even more disgusted at Holley.

The atmosphere at the scene, for happy Fabian, was simply oppressive enough to kill him.

He tried to active the atmosphere by saying, "Ron, are you a workaholic? You brought your computer for breakfast! "

When he spoke, Young Master Lei slowed down and stopped beside Holley. He threatened viciously, "be careful! Those who stabbed the Lei family in the back all came to no good end. "

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