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   Chapter 199 Enchanted in Snow Night

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The night sky in Alaska was beautiful.

The white snow field was covered with beams of boneless light.

The scene was so beautiful that it could make anyone flipped.

Holding the medicine cabinet and walking along the ski resort, Fabian didn't care about the scenery here.

He was a man of righteousness. This time, he came for his brother and friend, so he was absolutely focused on nothing else.

This was his principle of doing things for others, but even so, his sight was still attracted by the dazed figure standing beside the Wishing Wall in such a view.

The tall woman, however, was in a daze in the snow alone in such a dark night.

Her hair was black and straight. Looking at her back, she had a perfect S shape.

This was an excellent beauty, standing quietly in the snow like a fairy.

For a moment, Fabian felt like he had entered the world of a fairy tale.

Then he couldn't help stopping and gave up his principles. In the quiet snowy night, he listened to his heartbeat and looked at the woman beside the Wishing Wall.

The woman seemed to sense something.

After looking back, she hurriedly ran away and disappeared in the night.

Fabian didn't withdraw his gaze from the woman until she disappeared in his sight.

But it was just a glimmer of affection. He knew a lot about his family background.

His family background had decided that he could hardly find a woman who could pass the test with his grandmother and win his heart at the same time.

So for years, he never touched emotion.

For him, the base of his love was whether or not their families were well matched.

After he shrugged his shoulders, Fabian forgot about that woman and quickly walked towards the cottage where Ron lived.

Knocking at the door, he leaned against the door idly.

When the door was opened, Fabian rolled his eyes at Ron, seeming to be bored, and asked, "what's wrong with you again?"

"Holley's head was hurt by someone. I'm not sure about other doctors."

Hearing that, Fabian's head exploded with a buzzing sound.

He yawned and looked very tired and discontented. "I

Young Master Lei not in love? "

Fabian didn't know what happened. He looked at them again and again.

Since they were acquaintances, it was unnecessary to fight.

Young Master Lei waved his hand to dismiss his subordinates. Then he pointed at his sister and said with a smile, "She's my sister, Teresa Lei."

After saying that, he pointed to Fabian and said to his sister, "this is Mr. Ron's good friend, the son of the Ou family, Fabian Ou."

"Hello, Miss Lei. Last night, I was attracted by your back. I didn't expect to know you so soon. It seems that we are really destined to meet. "

The doctor said with great joy, trying to leave a good impression on Teresa.

But he didn't know what was in Teresa's mind at all. She just didn't want anyone to know that she went to the Wishing Wall last night.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Being unwilling to admit the truth, Teresa started to feel guilty.

Because she did see a person last night.

But it couldn't be so coincident. It happened to be Mr. Ron's friend.

Standing aside, Young Master Lei was thinking about what Fabian had said.

He was aware of something else. The doctor had a crush on his sister.

If his sister gave up her admiration for Mr. Ron, he could do anything without scruple.

Maybe, this doctor could help him smoothly snatch Holley away from Mr. Ron and then have a connection with the big shot.

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