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   Chapter 198 Don't Need Acting

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The man in the mask was stunned by Mrs. Lan's words.

He didn't expect that this woman would spy on him and follow him.

He was startled. Mrs. Lan directly raised her hand and took off his mask. "Don't wear this in front of me. I know who you are. You don't need to act."

"Do you want Craig to come back suddenly to see me and then become enemies with us?"

The man asked sternly.

Glaring at Mrs. Lan, he said slowly, "you used to be gentle, virtuous and talented. But now, you are totally unreasonable!"

Mrs. Lan trembled slightly.

She gave a strong response and said, "because I am a mother as well as a woman. I can't watch you harm my son. "

"But I didn't."

The man said heartlessly.

"Yes, you did."

Mrs. Lan shouted hysterically, "you went to see Linda Li, and every time you talked to her for hours. You even bailed her out. Patrick Xiang, you are the person who has changed your love and thus hurt my Craig. "

For Patrick Xiang, the woman in front of him knew too much, and she had been keeping watch on him well enough to have known everything.

It seemed that he couldn't indulge her any more.

"I met Linda Li for the sake of Craig. His rival was Ron Mu. Linda Li had been with Ron for more than four years. Is there anyone who knows more about Ron, our Craig's rival than her does? The reason why I want to protect her is that I want to use her against Ron. "

Patrick Xiang painstakingly explained as he was also approaching Mrs. Lan, "Silly woman, I won't hurt your son. Because he is also my son. I love you. "

He murmured lover's words and hugged Mrs. Lan tightly.

He was in his middle age, but he was still doing things as young couples did.

Mrs. Lan's heart skipped a beat.

But when she was moved, she felt that the nerves all over her body were numb.

Her legs were out of control, and her body was completely soft, falling to the ground.

She saw the injecto

with a woman.

And in the end, the woman ran away.

"Take three billion."

Ron said in a cold voice, "Pay to my account tomorrow morning."

"You are crazy!"

Young Master Lei jumped up from the bed. "Even if I went to rob the bank and the vault overnight, I couldn't get so much money."

"But you, Young Master Lei, have just so much money in the Swiss bank."

Ron said calmly.

Young Master Lei snorted, "do you think the video can be sold at such a high price?"

"I'll give you a loan slip of three billion dollars. I'll borrow it and return it to you later."

Ron was still calm, but he was quite confident.

Young Master Lei frowned and nodded. "Okay, I'll lend you."

After a pause, he reached out his index finger. "But you have to know that it has nothing to do with Teresa. If you make trouble for her or blackmail her, I'll never finish with you."

"Well, I have to warn you, Young Master Lei. Holley is my love. If you dare to hurt her, you can also have a try! "

Ron announced predominantly.

"Okay, that's a deal."

Young Master Lei raised his hand and touched his fist with Ron. They came to an agreement.

There was a flash of cruelty in Young Master Lei's eyes.

How could he let go of what he wanted only because of a mere threat?

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