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   Chapter 197 You Always Go to See Her!

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 7407

Updated: 2020-02-10 00:02

Outside the ski resort.

Mr. Ron waved to stop a car.

After they got into the car, he asked, "Girl, can you tell me the truth now?"


Holley was stunned. She chose to play dumb.

Now that she decided to conceal something, she would do it to the end.

"Who on earth kidnapped you?"

Ron asked seriously, with a cold killing intent in his eyes.

"Ron, why don't you believe me?"

Holley curled her mouth and sighed with some grievances, "I got injured. My head hurts. But you didn't believe me and questioned me about this. You don't want to take me to the hospital at all. You just want to do something bad to me and force me to say something you want to hear. You've gone too far, Ron Mu! "

Holley complained as she rubbed her head.

Hearing this, Ron didn't want to ask more.

It sounded as if he was bullying her.

Ron sighed silently in his heart and changed the topic, "go to the examination room later and think carefully where you will feel uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you should tell the doctor. Got it? "


Changing to another topic, Holley felt better. "Well, how was your day? Did you get Mr. Lan's shares?"

"He is very cautious. He hasn't sold off his shares yet,"

Ron curled his lips.

It was obvious that Craig was a tough opponent.

"It's okay. There are still tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Come on!"

Holley smiled, waved and made a fighting movement.

Ron just gave her a pampering smile. He raised his hand and gently rubbed her hair.

N city.

The villa under the name of Craig.

The masked man was sitting at a table and playing chess with Craig.

While playing chess, Craig spoke, "adoptive father, the stock price of Mu's Group has fallen today."

"That's why you are here to drink tea with your adoptive father and play chess?"

The masked man said half joking.

Craig shook his head. "Adoptive father, I don't think so. Besides, I came here every few days before. It's just that the company's affairs are so many and difficult recently, so I came to see you frequently, which makes you have an illusion."

After he explained with a smile, he directly talked about the stock market, "adoptive father,

he took out his phone and commanded, "follow the stock market opening tomorrow and keep an eye on the stock market. No matter what the price is, you'll buy it for me as long as someone is selling the stocks of the Mu's Group! "

As soon as he finished, Mrs. Lan rushed out of the room.

"You also said that you didn't want to hurt Craig. You asked him to sell his shares and buy in yourself at the same time. You've gone too far! "

She lost her temper, grabbed a teacup, and smashed towards the masked man.

Unfortunately, as soon as her hand was lifted, it was caught.

The man was so strong and he only pinched hard that she was so painful that she let go of it easily and the teacup also fell to the ground.

The teacup fell to the ground with a loud noise.

The masked man sighed, "this is the teacup sent by Craig. He will be sad if he sees it."


Mrs. Lan was too angry to say anything.

The masked man loosened his grip. "You're just too suspicious. Craig is my adopted son. I treat him as my own son. I won't hurt him. I have no reason to harm him. "

The man shook his head helplessly. "I've told you to be careful. If Craig sees you..."

He was interrupted, "why don't you have any reason to harm him? You didn't before, but now you have. In the last two days, you are always going to the police station to see the woman called Linda. " In the last two days, you are always going to the police office to see the woman called Linda. "

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