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   Chapter 196 He Believed Everything She Said

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As they were talking, Ron had already come to the side of Holley.

Holding the little woman in his arms tightly, Ron said, "Young Master Lei, didn't you hear my question?"

"Why are you here?"

Said Young Master Lei guiltily. Although he was good at acting, there was some dodge in his eyes.

"Isn't there something to deal with? But Ron, what a coincidence! You came right after we found Holley. "

Ron said indifferently, "The stock market is closed. Of course I will come to look for my wife in person. But Young Master Lei, what did you just say to my wife? "

"What do you mean by what do you want?"

He asked in a much louder voice.

"No, it's not true."

Young Master Lei looked away, apparently dodging.

Ron turned around and stood in front of Holley.

He held her face in his hands and bent down, "tell me, what happened?"

Holley held the evidence in her hand, once she showed the video to Ron.

In consideration of Ron's temper, he was bound to turn against the Lei family.

Young Master Lei didn't mind if Ron fell out with the Lei family. At most, Lei family had one more enemy. It didn't really matter if they used the power of Lei family.

However, Teresa didn't want to turn against Ron at all.

Once the man she admired knew, she would cooperate with her brother to murder Holley.

Then she would never have a future with Ron, and it would be impossible to just look at the man from afar, not to mention thinking of him and missing him.

She was unwilling to bear that kind of ending.

Actually, Teresa even regretted that she didn't insist on stopping her brother yesterday.

If she had stopped her brother and didn't do what happened today, she wouldn't have suffered so much, being a liar.

She tried to stop, but she couldn't change the fact that she colluded with her brother.

She lowered her head.

Teresa had no hope for Holley.

She probably knew that she and

take a thorough examination. "

"Mr. Ron, the doctor of our Lei family is also here. He is very professional. You can ask him to treat Holle."

Teresa proposed kindly.

However, Ron didn't trust them. He just nodded and said, "go to the hospital. Miss Lei is injured and needs care. I hope that when my wife is injured, someone will be especially responsible for her treatment. I believe that your brother has the same idea. "

This was a polite rejection.

Ron didn't ask for Young Master Lei's opinion.

Then he directly picked up the little woman and walked out of the ski resort.

Teresa was so disappointed.

She could feel that Mr. Ron was rejecting her, even a little colder and more disgusting than before.

She was not a heartless person and obviously despised those tricks.

But now, it was totally different from her original appearance. She was controlled by jealousy, which made her feel sick.

"Brother, we will never do such a thing again."

Holding her brother's arm, Teresa emphasized resolutely.

"Don't worry. This will never happen again."

Young Master Lei said affirmatively, patting his sister on the shoulder.

However, he had already made a plan in his heart that he would not get his sister involved in these things in the future.

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