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   Chapter 194 Go with Me. Don't Mind Him

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6527

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Holley finally woke up in a daze.

Her memory still lingered when she hung a wishing card on the Wishing Wall.

If she didn't feel the pain in the back of her head, she would think that she just had a dream.

But the pain in the back of her head and the strange environment made Holley alert at once.

She almost jumped out of bed.

"Ron Mu!"

In such an environment, the first person came to her mind was that man.

She called his name and saw that Rex walked out of the opposite room.

Rex was a little bitter.

He didn't expect that Ron was so important to Holley.

Seeing Rex, Holley couldn't help but touch her aching back head. "How could it be you?"

"You don't want me?"

Rex felt bitterer in his heart.

She was not surprised at his rhetorical question. Because she called Ron after she woke up.

"No, I just don't know what happened."

She put her chin in her right hand and tilted her head, "you saved me, didn't you?"


Rex nodded and gave a mini-sized video player to Holley, "have a look and you will know what happened."

Holley finally understood what was going on after watching it.

After putting down the device, Holley sighed, "but why are you here? Why did you make a video?"

"First, I have to leave some evidences to prove my innocence. I have been fooled by Young Master Lei and his sister once. Yesterday, I had something urgent to tell you, but they lied to me that you were in the ski resort. Second, I have been revenging on them. As they framed me, I will not let them go. This is the best evidence. "

Hearing Rex say that, one thing occurred to Holley.

Rubbing her head, she sighed, "I almost forget it if you don't mention it. Later Young Master Lei came to tell me that you were looking for me. Then I knew that even your number was blocked. But what's the matter with you looking for me, and you're wandering across the sea to Alaska to look for me? "

Rex shook his hea

you had told him, I wouldn't have taken you to find the recording. Do you insist on telling him? "

"Then we don't have to meet face to face, I can give him a call."

Hearing that Rex didn't like Ron, Holley changed her mind.

She couldn't miss the truth and evidence.

Likewise, she couldn't hide her whereabouts from Ron. Otherwise, that man would worry about her sudden disappearance?

In fact, Holley was not sure if Ron would worry or go crazy to find her.

But she was willing to consider it in accordance with human nature.

"Your mobile phone was not with you. How are you going to call that guy?"

Rex changed his strategy.

"I can borrow your phone, or I can find a public telephone!"

However, Holley didn't understand the point of what Rex was asking.

But Rex understood the key from her words.

It turned out that she could memorize Ron's number.

It turned out that the man she hated so much as she said was so important in her heart that his number could be imprinted in her heart.

"Holley Ye."

Rex gnashed his teeth and said: "if you still want the recording, then put down the idea of calling him. Only I know where the recording is. My only requirement is to go back to China with me and not let Ron know."

It was an awkward situation for Holley…

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