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   Chapter 193 Holley Is Really Missing

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She could tell how much Mr. Ron cared about Holley from his ruthless tone.

Teresa blamed her brother in her heart.

He went too far to stab Mr. Ron in the back at this critical moment.

But now, things had happened and there was no way back for her. She could only go on.

"Mr. Ron, please trust us. We will find Holle and save her."

Said Teresa, sobbing.

She was moved by the love between Ron and Holley.

Then she rushed out of the cabin.

She had made up her mind to persuade her brother to give up, no matter what happened.

But as she walked on the road, she saw many of her brothers' men searching around in horror.

Somehow, Teresa had a bad feeling.

Was there any accident?

Stopping a person, she put on airs and asked, "Why are you so flustered?"

"Miss, the woman ordered by Young Master was missing. Even our boss was knocked out by someone."

The man whispered about what had happened not long ago.

At this time, Holley was really missing. Young Master Lei was furious. He ordered everyone to find out Holley as soon as possible.

Teresa was stunned for a while and then asked urgently, "where is my brother?"

"Over there."

Pointing at the northwest, the man answered.

Teresa ran over there.

Young Master Lei was worried when he saw his sister in the distance. "You have a concussion! Why do you run?"

He was worried about her sister's health, but Teresa couldn't care about herself anymore. "What the hell is going on? How did Holley disappear? "

"You already know everything..."

Young Master Lei frowned.

It was his first time to have such a big fall.


He said only one word.

In order to ensure the safety of Holley, he sent the most capable subordinate, Austin.

Austin was a thug. He could watch Holley and guard against enemies.

Even though Young Master Lei's arrangements were so detailed, Holley was still taken away by someone from Austin's hand.

Now the only person who knew

efully. She even searched the database of the Lei family secretly and compared the blurred figure on the photo with all the people in the database.

But this project was so huge that it couldn't be completed in one or two days.

Young Master Lei stopped his sister and said, "it's useless. Let's take a different approach. If this man was hostile to Holley, for example, he wanted to kill her. The easiest way was to kill her directly. If that's the case, he can turn Austin to be a scapegoat. So on the contrary, it proved that the man did not intend to kill her. He doesn't want to kill her for now, so Holley is safe. "

"If he did it for money or for other reasons. Then the person who has taken Holley away will contact us or Mr. Ron soon. So on the one hand, we have to actively search for Holley. On the other hand, we have to pay attention to all kinds of information, and we can't miss the kidnapper's signal. "

Young Master Lei analyzed the situation rationally.

But half a day passed and it was afternoon now.

Neither the Lei family, nor Ron, had received any news from the kidnapper.

The people of Lei family had dug the whole ski resort thoroughly and turned it upside down.

They couldn't find any trace of Holley and the man who took her away, as if they had vanished into thin air.

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