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   Chapter 192 Being Fatigued

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Teresa's lifting the spear was already within Young Master Lei's expectation.

That man was not surprised at all. He just lowered his head slightly and said in a neither humble nor pushy tone, "Miss wants my life, which is also a matter of words. But today, I've taken orders from Young Master. Young Master said if you stopped me, you should listen to a recording. The recording is in the phone, and the phone is in my trouser pocket. Miss, you can take it out and listen to it by yourself. "

Teresa walked around and reached for the phone.

As soon as she reached out her hand, she knew that she was tricked.

Because she didn't find a mobile phone in that man's pocket.

It was too late for her to pull her hand back.

Her brother's thug, with great strength, grabbed her wrist and got her pistol with his back hand.

After taking a look at her, the man said, "Young Master said that if Miss stopped me, I should deal with you in this way and knock you out."

"Please forgive me."

As soon as he finished his words, the thug raised his hand and knocked out Teresa.

As soon as Teresa fainted, a man who was Young Master Lei's subordinate dressed in doctor's uniform ran out and took her away to another place.

That thug always carried Holley and went far.

The thug didn't knock very heavy.

More than an hour later, Teresa woke up by herself.

When she woke up, she saw her brother and Ron.

With a guilty conscience, she dared not to look into Ron's eyes.

Looking away, Teresa just lowered her head and didn't say anything.

"Teresa, are you okay?"

Young Master Lei asked worriedly.

He began to suspect if his subordinate had hurt his sister carelessly.

"Where is Holle? Where is Holley Ye? Is she okay? "

Raising her head, Teresa asked anxiously.

Standing by the bed, Ron said with a grim face, "she disappeared. Before she disappeared, someone saw her made wishes with you at the Wishing Wall."

Young Master Lei stood in front of his sister all of a sudden and said, "Mr. Ron, we are also worried about her. But you can't suspect us for that. We don't want to have an accident. My sister is also a victim. As you can see, their target is Holley. Do you

ignored his sister and rushed out of the cabin.

Teresa was stunned.

Her heart ached.

Although she insisted on going to look for Holley not to please Ron.

However, the attitude of Ron stung her.

She had been more and more humble, but she had never received any concern from him.

She shook her head with a bitter smile. Then she heard Ron say, "Miss Lei, we are still friends. But if it can be proved afterwards that my wife's missing was done by you and your brother. Then don't blame me for turning against you. From then on, we will be strangers, and we will have nothing to do with each other. "

After a pause, he added, "if your siblings didn't do it, I will always remember what you have done for me."

At present, he was holding on to the stock market.

He manipulated the stock market and constantly lowered the stock value of the Mu's Group.

He can't give this big event to anyone else. He had to do it himself.

That was why he couldn't look for her in person when she was in trouble.

He felt guilty, and there was nothing he could do.

If he stopped midway, the opponent would surely perceive that this was a game.

If he couldn't take back all the shares of the Mu's Group, all the important financial information of the Mu's Group must be disclosed to Craig and the people behind him.

Without any business secrets, how could he defeat that person and how…

Now what he could do was to pray that Holley was safe and well…

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