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   Chapter 191 Don’t We Interrupt You

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The next morning.

Young Master Lei and his sister came to the ski resort and appeared in front of Ron and Holley.

Ron was wary of Young Master Lei and his sister, especially Young Master Lei. "What are you doing here?"

Young Master Lei laughed, "what else can we do? It's rare for us to take a vacation. So we decided to go anywhere to have fun. Besides, we don't have many friends, so we came here to play with you. "

Teresa knew that her brother was going to make a big move since he appeared in the snow field today.

But she couldn't refuse her brother, so she came with him and even cooperated with him.

Stepping forward and holding the hand of Holley, Teresa smiled, "Holle, you don't mind us disturbing the lovers' world between you and Mr. Ron, do you?"

Holley didn't know how to answer this question.

She wasn't sure whether the appearance of Young Master Lei and his sister would affect that man's plan.

Holley hesitated to look at Ron. The man said without hesitation, "of course you're going to disturb the lovers' world of our two. So you should stay wherever you like somewhere else."

Young Master Lei shook his head and said, "Hiss. You are burning the bridge after crossing it. What did Huey and I do last night? You're asking me to stay overnight? How did we help you last night? Today, can we only exchange your words 'stay wherever you like somewhere else'? We feel like where you are. "

Then he sat down on the sofa in the cabin.

Just like the Master, Young Master Lei crossed his legs. He lit a cigar and tasted it carefully.

It seemed that he was not going to leave.

Ron's intention to refuse Teresa and her brother was afraid that their existence hindered him from purchasing shares.

But Young Master Lei insisted. Wouldn't it be more troublesome?

After thinking for a while, Holley said, "Teresa, you came here early in the morning. You must haven't had breakfast? How about we have breakfast together? "

"Okay, let's have breakfast together."

Then Teresa took Holley's hand and added, "let's go

be hurt?

Teresa was caught in a dilemma. After hesitating for a moment, her brother's thug had already started.

He hugged her from behind and knocked her unconscious on the spot without giving her a chance to struggle.

It was still in the morning. There were not many people in the ski resort.

There were not many people around the Wishing Wall.

In addition, that man had been quick in action, so no one had noticed the danger.

Being stunned for a while, Teresa rushed over and blocked the man's way. "What are you doing?"

She shouted, and the man bowed his head respectfully. "Miss Lei, I did it on Young Master's order. Please forgive me for offending you."

"Since you know I'm Miss Lei, you leave her here. Where are you taking her? What are you doing to her? "

Teresa was worried.

She knew what kind of person her brother was, as well as the temper of the thug. He was known for being ruthless and cruel and he could do anything.

She would allow her brother to play some tricks.

But he couldn't do such an outrageous thing.

"Miss Lei, Young Master told us that we shouldn't tell the specific plan. If you want to know, you can ask Young Master directly."

That man said with a tough attitude, and then bowed his head respectfully and dragged Holley away.


Teresa pointed her gun at that man and said, "leave her here."

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