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   Chapter 190 Being a Thief

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In the log cabin of the ski resort.

Ron felt sorry for the little woman and held her hand tightly.

Holley had suffered a lot with him. She didn't even have dinner, and even went out in the middle of the night to suffer from the cold.

Holding the little woman's cold hand, Ron bent over and gently blew on her hand.

On the way to the ski resort, several times Holley wanted to ask why they left the hotel suddenly and what had happened.

However, before she could open her mouth, she was stopped by Ron with the eye contact.

Now they settled down.

The man seemed to have no intention of explaining anything.

"May I ask why?"

Holley inquired with uncertainty.

She stared at the man opposite her and was really confused.

The more she got along with him, the stranger he was to her.

The more she got along with him, the more she couldn't see through him.

"Of course I care about you. Otherwise, who will warm your hands?"

Obviously, Ron's thinking was different from that of Holley.

Or, did the man say that on purpose.

"I'm asking you why we come here in the middle of the night. We are dignified. Why do we behave like a thief? You took your laptop and left the hotel. Why did you hide it in your arms? "


Ron answered casually, "Because the blue roses makes me feel unlucky. I have been thinking about it carefully. The network signal of the ski resort is good. Tomorrow when the stock market opens, I will be responsible for monitoring the stock market and buy all of the shares. You can appreciate the snow scene and go ski. "

This was obviously an unreliable excuse.

But this was the most convincing reason Ron could come up with.

After all, the appearance of blue roses represented danger, trial and someone touching his background.

The stock trading had reached the white hot stage.

At this time, he couldn't let any accidents happen or let anyone test him and destroy everything he had arranged.

Actually, it was not something that could not be said to Holley.

But that little woman was a smart girl. As long as he said it, she would ask what others were testing him.

It was a secret that had always bee

convenient for him to do.

But even so, Ron couldn't, nor was unable to show any tenderness to her.

The phone just hung up.

Listening to the beep, Teresa sat back on the sofa with a low spirit.

For the sake of love, she was so humble but she still could not get love.

Standing next to her, Young Master Lei sighed when he saw his sister's depression.

Why did she bother like this?

It was not that she couldn't find a boyfriend and couldn't get married.

Why were she so obsessed with a married man?

Reason was this reason. But Young Master Lei didn't take any position to persuade his younger sister, because up to now, he was still clinging to a woman who was no longer there, and whose grave was engraved with someone's "wife's tomb" on the tombstone.


Young Master Lei said in a deep voice, "Mr. Ron's phone signal was from the ski resort. How about that we go there too? "


Teresa smiled somewhat perplexedly. "What are we going to do?"

"To appreciate the snow and ski by the way."

Young Master Lei took it for granted.

Teresa shook her head. She didn't want to go.

"Go ahead. Ron will not allow Holley to interfere in anything related to that secret. He even tried to hide from Holley. It's a chance for both you and me. Even if you don't want to fight for it yourself, can you cooperate and give me a chance? "

When Young Master Lei said this, a strange look appeared in his eyes.

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