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   Chapter 189 Why Do You Harm Him

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"What's wrong?"

Ron raised his head and looked away from the menu.

Didn't she want to ask why Rex looked for her?

Why did she hang up without a word?

Holley smiled, "Eleanor said she was busy with something. I'll call her later."

"Okay. Let's have dinner first. "I have chosen these. What do you want to add?"

But Ron didn't realize that Eleanor had spilled some secrets over the phone.

He passed the menu to her and pinched her cheek affectionately. "Young Master Lei will treat us for this meal. Please don't save money for him."

"I don't know much about delicious food. You can just choose."

Holley didn't take the menu but pushed away the man's hand which pinched her cheek and said, "just pick some dishes. I'm hungry."


Ron added a few more dishes and then called the waiter.

The dishes were all served soon.

The waiter was kind enough to send a bouquet of blue roses and put it in the middle of the table.

Seeing the blue roses, Ron's pupils contracted fiercely.

He quickly took out the handkerchief, covered his mouth and nose, and called the waiter, "I'm allergic to blue rose pollen. Take it away."

Holley was stunned. "When did you become allergic to pollen?"

In her impression, Ron was not allergic to any pollen, but she didn't like flowers at all. She also saved him a lot of money from their dates in the past.

Ron laughed casually and answered, "I was allergic to pollen two years ago. I don't know what happened."

Although he was smiling, a vague light flashed across his eyes.

The blue roses were not a coincidence.

Someone wanted to frame him!

He stood up and grabbed her hand. "Bad luck here. Let's go eat somewhere else."


That man's expression was so serious that Holley nodded without asking any questions though she had a lot of doubts in her heart.

Looking at the sky outside, Ron added, "it's late. It's cold outside. Put on a coat. Gloves, a hat and a scarf are necessary. "

Ron said in a bossy but spoiled way.

N city.

In a villa belonging to the Lan family.

A masked man was sitting in front of the computer and watching the video in the restaurant of t

ng money is a good idea. I won't harm your son. Trust me. "

He said in a low voice, then he bent over to kiss the woman in his arms on her forehead, "it's time for you to go back. If Craig knows that it is you, his mother who abandoned him, that helped him in secret for so many years, he will not stand it. You will also destroy the father son relationship that I have worked so hard to build with Craig. "

This woman was not someone else. She was Mrs. Lan who had betrayed the Lan family and eloped with others years ago.

At that time, she eloped with the man in front of her.

When he mentioned the past, Mrs. Lan let out a sigh. "I won't let Craig know who you are as long as you don't harm him."

At the gate of the ski resort in Alaska.

Rex stopped a car.

He looked for her in the snow field for the whole afternoon, but did not see Holley at all.

By some means, he found out that Holley had never been to the ski resort at all.

He was fooled by Young Master Lei and his sister.

Holley should be staying in the hotel.

After getting on the car and telling the destination, he had a phone call coming in.

Seeing the number on the screen, Rex immediately pressed the answer button.

While listening to the person on the phone attentively, he furrowed his eyebrows more and more tightly. As a result, he had neglected that the car that had driven towards him and entered the ski resort.

Holley was in that car…

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