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   Chapter 188 Just Do What a Man Should Do

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 7437

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Young Master Lei thought too much.

He thought that the fighting between Mr. Ron and Holley was spreading.

But in fact, the flames of fury in their hearts were aimed at him, Young Master Lei.

"Don't provoke us!"

Almost at the same time, Ron and Holley spoke out these words in one voice.

Young Master Lei felt a little bit pain in his face.

He was embarrassed by the couple.

Young Master Lei could understand why Ron was so rational.

But Holley was too mysterious for him to understand.

Why didn't she get angry at all when her friend was deleted and her friend's number was blacklisted?

How could Holley not be angry?

She wouldn't have come out for fresh air if she wasn't angry at the man's behavior.

Although she was mad, she would do the same even if the man did not blacklist Rex.

She didn't mean to burn the bridge after crossing it. She just felt that Rex was too good to her. If she continued to contact with him, she would be a burden to Rex, and she would also fail him.

But none of this mattered. The point was that Young Master Lei was obviously instigating by doing these things.

Being seen through, Young Master Lei was unwilling to admit it. He had to struggle desperately. "No way. What I said is true. Isn't it?"

"No, it's not."

Holley said. No matter what purpose Young Master Lei had, he couldn't be successful.

As for the accounts between her and Ron, they could settle it in private. "I blocked Rex, and I added his number to the blacklist. Since I have become Teresa's good friend, of course I can't make friends with your foes anymore. So Rex can only stay in the blacklist."

"You're so righteous."

Obviously, Young Master Lei didn't believe what she said. But what else could he do? He had been a villain in vain, but he didn't get any benefit from it.

Then he stood up without interest and left without looking back, just leaving words "I treat this meal."

Until now, Teresa seemed to understand that her brother did something after he refused to go upstairs with her for something important.

"I'm sorry. My brother just wants to take revenge on Rex. He doesn't have any other intention."

The explanation was too weak and powerless.

one to her.

He had saved Eleanor's number in his phone.

Holley was a little surprised, but she did not ask more. She just quickly dialed the number.

She was worried that Ron might have changed his mind.

The phone was soon connected after it rang twice.

Eleanor's sweet and lazy voice came from the phone, "it's Mr. Ron. What can I do for you?"

Her tone sounded familiar and slight joking.

Hearing that, Holley was stunned. She did not expect that Eleanor and Mr. Ron were so familiar.

But at the other end of the phone, Eleanor didn't know it was not Ron calling.

Seeing no response from the other side, she smiled and said, "Mr. Ron, did you make my sister angry and feel ashamed to tell me? In this respect, I have to advise you to coax her. As for my sister, you should coax her as much as you can. Then you don't need to worry about your relationship can't go back to the old days of passionate love, right?"

She said in a tone that couldn't be more familiar.

And the content of her words shocked Holley.

Eleanor had always openly opposed that she and Mr. Ron continued to be together.

But now, she was helping that man by giving advices secretly.

For a moment, Holley didn't know what to say, but on the other end of the phone, Eleanor continued, "Mr. Ron, is it evening in Alaska? Don't let my sister find out our relationship. I'll hang up. Be good to coax her."

Then Eleanor hung up the phone.

Holley put down the phone slowly…

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