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   Chapter 187 A Fight Was on the Verge of Breaking Out

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He came closer to that little woman.

Ron said more and more domineering.

He was jealous. He couldn't bear to see that Holley was so anxious to contact Rex.

Holley was in a daze. She looked up and said, "Ron, Rex has something to tell me. What if it is important?"

"If the matter is really important, he can call me and tell me about it. He didn't come to me. He just chased to Alaska. He was looking for you all over the world. In this way, he even made himself look like a saint of love. What did you say he was for? "

The man had some venomous comments about Rex's behavior.

Although the words came out of his mouth were very unpleasant to hear.

On second thought, it seemed that was the case.

Although his words make sense, Holley turned down his behavior of making tricks on her phone.

Not willing to agree with him, she rolled her eyes at him, "you can't say so. Mr. Yan has no reason to believe you."

"But at least, he can have a try. Besides, on that day, when I deleted him from your friend list, I told him that if there was something important to contact you, he could call me. I even told him this privatest number. "

Then Ron took out his phone, "but he didn't."

There was no Rex's number in the call record.

She looked at the man who looked as if "what else do you want to say."

Holley shook her head and added, "I don't want to guess what he wants to find me about, but at least after I know it, I should call to ask him."

"Holley Ye!"

Ron suddenly lowered his voice, "I don't want you to contact him. Believe me, if it's really important, he will come to me."


Holley raised her head and emphasized, "you said you gave him your phone number, but I don't know whether you gave it to him or not. I just don't want to miss anything important, I don't want to... "

Hearing the little woman's question, Ron felt deeply hurt in his heart.

"Trust me once, is it that hard?"

Even though he asked, he put out the evidence, which was a screenshot. Because it was deleted that day

ound decisively, Holley almost dashed all the way towards them.

She sat down beside Teresa and took a deep breath, "Don't you mind if I eat with you?"

"I don't mind."

Teresa really liked Holley and took her as her good friend.

She admired Ron and was jealous but it had nothing to do with their friendship.

She looked at her brother with some complaints and shook her head. "I told you to ask Holle to have dinner together with us. But you said that she had an affair with Mr. Ron. Look, everything is fine. Now they come together. "

Then she pointed to Ron who came from not far away and continued, "you shouldn't have stopped me. Now it looks like that we don't want to take them with us but to eat alone."


Young Master Lei looked back at Ron in surprise.

He saw that this guy's face turned deathly pale.

Young Master Lei knew that his plan of separation had succeeded.

With a surprised look, he looked at Holley and said, "I say, don't you have a temper? Why can you forgive Mr. Ron? "

Then he looked at Ron with admiration and said, "Ron, you are so capable. You have managed to make your wife so obedient. Wow, you are amazing! "

Once again, he tried to alienate the relationship between Ron and Holley.

A strong smell of gunpowder spread between Ron and Holley.

The war was on the verge of breaking out!

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