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   Chapter 186 Holley, I Forbid!

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This was the meeting between enemies, and their eyes blazed with hatred.

There was a flash of hatred in Teresa's eyes.

If it were not for Yan family, she would not lose her parents at an early age.

"It's him!"

Teresa spoke between gritted teeth.

"Let's go to have a look."

Standing behind Rex, Teresa and Young Master Lei listened for a while and understood what was going on.

Rex was looking for Holley, but he could not get in touch with her and only knew that she lived in the hotel. So he had to ask the receptionist for the room number.

The receptionist insisted on not disclosing the guests' privacy, so Mr. Yan had to try his best to negotiate with them.

After Young Master Lei exchanged a glance with his sister, they went over to Rex.

When they stood face to face with Rex, there was no hatred in their eyes anymore.

All that could be seen were only enthusiasm and the depth of wisdom that matched their status.

"What a coincidence, Mr. Yan."

Rex was stunned. He didn't expect to meet Chinese in Alaska.

Rex looked back at Teresa and Young Master Lei. Rex felt that they looked familiar, but he didn't remember where he met them before.

It wasn't Rex's fault, after all, he hadn't contacted the Lei family before, and the only time he saw they were through the Internet.

After all, the photo was different from the real person.

After finding that Rex didn't know them, Young Master Lei smiled awkwardly. "Holley ye, we are Holley Ye's friends. When Mr. Lan wanted to arrest her, it was my sister and I who saved her."


Rex remembered, "are you that legendary Dark Night Priest?"

Young Master Lei gestured to him and said, "keep a low profile. Don't talk about it."

Then he pointed at the picture on Rex's hand and asked, "what happened? ."

Rex hesitated, but did not say why he came.

After all, Young Master Lei had a gossip with Holley. It was hard to judge his intention.

With a smile, Rex said, "I need to talk to her in detail for something."

"Then you come to the wrong place."

Teresa raised her voice.

"But the receptionist said that Holley did check in at the hotel and she has continued to stay toda

Young Master Lei leaned against the door frame idly and said, "you know the enmity between my family and Yan family. I saw Rex at the reception desk just now. He is asking which room you live in. Teresa and I both hate the Yan family, so we won't tell him your whereabouts. You're Teresa's good friend. Since he came here looking for you, you should have to know, "

While speaking, he pretended to be inconceivable. "But I have something that I can't figure out. Rex cared a lot about you, but how could he not get through your phone?"

In fact, Young Master Lei knew the reason.

It was obvious that Ron had tampered with Holley's phone, so that all the messages from Rex couldn't be sent to her.

However, it did not prevent him from pretending to be stupid or not to know.

Because only throw out this problem, can let Holley and Ron quarrel.

It would be best if they could turn against each other because of Rex.

With a smile, Young Master Lei shrugged again. "I've told you everything I know. Holley, why don't you call Rex and ask him what he's going to do to look for you. I think he is in a hurry. "

After saying that, he turned around and went back to his room.

As for Holley, she had no time to think about why Rex couldn't contact her.

She took out her phone and was about to dial Rex's number.

Noticing her action, Ron closed the door decisively and said to his little woman, "don't call him, Holley Ye! I don't allow it!"

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