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   Chapter 185 Husband and Wife Alliance

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Ron tried to hit him with his fist.

He and Young Master Lei gave each other a punch, and both retreated three steps.

They were almost equal in strength.

But Ron had wounds on his body.

Holley rushed to him anxiously, "are you okay?"


Teresa also rushed over in exclamation. "What are you doing?"

"Teresa, go back. Don't meddle in this matter. "

Young Master Lei said coldly to his sister as he was still in a fit of anger.

Teresa shook her head, "brother, after all, Mr. Ron saved my life last night. Don't make things difficult for him anymore."

"Difficult for him?"

Young Master Lei sneered, "wake up, Teresa. This guy named Ron Mu has done all the things that should not be done and should be done for you. You also told me not to be difficult for him. I am not difficult for him, but do you want me to see you make yourself hard for him?"

Hearing her brother's words, Teresa lowered her head.

She was drunk last night. When she woke up, her brother said that it was Mr. Ron who saved her back.

That was a good thing.

However, her clothes were changed into pajamas.

Obviously, whoever saved her was the one who changed her clothes.

It was Ron who saved her, so…

When Teresa thought of the truth, she screamed, which shocked everyone.

However, Young Master Lei was in a rage and wanted to seek an explanation from Ron.

After all, it was disgraceful to do something that was not supposed to happen when his sister was drunk.

In particular, the one who did this was Ron, who shouted that he wouldn't betray Holley and their marriage, and he wouldn't accept Teresa.

"What are you talking about?"

Ron frowned with disapproval.

"Okay, I can make it clear."

Noticing that Ron was pretending not to understand him, Young Master Lei was even angrier. "Ron, explain to me why my sister's clothes was changed. Didn't you help my sister change clothes while she was drunk?"

"You think too much."

Ron said indifferently, "I'm not that idle to change clothes fo

g. It happens that the ski resort is not open to public. As for the snow, do you think it's interesting to watch it in the middle of the night? "

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

Holley felt sorry for the opportunity she had missed.

After all, she wanted to see the snow scene of Alaska for so long, but she fell asleep in the end.

"You are sleepy, I don't want you to wake up. In the future, we'll have the chance to come to Alaska. Next time we'll just come here to watch the snow scene."

Ron could do nothing about it.

There should be no accident in the matter of taking shares.

Even if he could do anything for his little woman, he couldn't gamble on it.

If he was not careful, he and his little woman would be doomed.

Shares are a decisive battle.

This move cannot go wrong.

"Then I will continue to sleep."

Holley was sleepy, and her last hope was gone. As a result, she was even more dispirited.

She fell on the pillow and soon fell asleep again.

The hotel lobby.

Young Master Lei and Teresa just came back from outside and saw a man at the front desk, with a photo in his hand, asking something.

Young Master Lei and Teresa paid special attention to him because he was a Chinese.

It was not until he walked closer that Young Master Lei recognized the man.

"Teresa, isn't this Rex Yan of Yan family?"

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