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   Chapter 182 Not the Problem of Money

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The more Ron said, the stranger Holley felt.

"Be honest. What's the serious matter you said?"

She asked warily.

Ron waved his hand at her, "relax. It's really a serious matter. I want to go shopping again. Can you accompany me?"

"Buy more?"

Holley looked at the sky outside. "It's late. It's time for dinner."

"Are you hungry?"

Ron didn't get her meaning of rejection.

He thought she was hungry.

"No, I'm just tired. I don't want to go shopping today."

Holley had to be frank.

She couldn't understand why the man didn't know anything about the girl at all.

Girls were always like that. When they went shopping, they were more energetic than anybody else. But once they left the mall and went home, they would collapse on the bed, losing all the strength to get up.

If it was something else, Holley might still squeeze out some strength.

However, at the thought of going shopping, Holley's legs went limp. "Can't we go shopping tomorrow?"

"I have an arrangement tomorrow. We don't go to the mall."

Ron shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

"What about the day after tomorrow?"

Holley asked.

Ron was still helpless, "Today's stock market transaction time has passed. Only then can we have time to go shopping today. Tomorrow is weekend, the stock market closed. It's Monday the day after tomorrow, the first transaction day. We have to keep a close watch on the stock market in case something unexpected happens. "

That meant they couldn't go shopping.

"What about three days from now?"

This question made Holley feel guilty.

Ron spent the whole afternoon shopping with her, buying her lots of bags and so on. He had no chance to buy for himself.

Now, the man just wanted to go back to buy something, but she refused him like that. It was inappropriate to delay.

"If we get all the shares, we can go back to the country directly. If we still don't eat out, we will keep staring at the stock market. "

Ron spoke out his plans for the future.

Holley knew what he meant.

Unless she can be cruel enough to reject the man's shopping request.

But she couldn't do it, so she nodded, "all right, let's go."

Ron smiled.

He was in a good mood all day.

When he l

elt it hard to talk, Holley still insisted on dragging Ron into the men's clothing store.

She chose a shop with a complete collection of commodities, and called the waiter, pointing at Ron, "prepare him a set, both in and out."

"You go and pick. I don't want anyone else to pick."

Ron directly sat down on the small sofa, but pushed his little woman up.

Holley also knew that it was going too far for her to be lazy.

Wearily, she stood up and chose from a pile of clothes, and finally she picked out a whole set of them. She put all the choices in front of Ron. "Do you like them? Pay the bill if you like. "

Ron glanced at the shirt and suit that Holley had chosen.

He only took one tie at last.

He seemed to be unsatisfied with all the other clothes.

"Don't you like it? I'll look for more. "

'Now that I have chosen gifts for that man, I will try my best, ' Holley thought.

"No. I just buy a tie and nothing else."

Then Ron stood up and paid for his tie.

Holley was a little stunned. She believed there was nothing wrong with her appreciation of the beauty, but why did Ron not like the clothes she picked?

Full of confusion, Holley walked out of the men's clothing shop. Then she pulled the sleeve of Ron and asked him, "do you think the shop I chose is not good enough and not worthy of your status, Mr. Ron? But my salary is so little. I can't afford it if it is more expensive."

"It's not about the money,"

"What's that?" Holley asked.

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