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   Chapter 181 Don't Think About It

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Young Master Lei immediately understood.

His sister was displeased with the sweet love between Mr. Ron and Holley. So she lost her interest in shopping.

Young Master Lei didn't debunk her lie. He pretended to be relieved and heaved a long sigh of relief. "I could be free at last."

Each of them had a lot of things in their hands, so they took the cars separately.

Young Master Lei sighed after getting on the car. "Others don't know. I know you are jealous."

Teresa kept silent.

She was really jealous.

Only she knew how much she liked Ron.

Even though Ron had never shown any care or gentleness for her, she still liked him and even admired him.

She always managed her emotions very well.

Even for Holley, she could still make friends with her.

What Teresa was thinking was simple. She just wanted to figure out what kind of woman Mr. Ron liked.

What's more, she hoped to have a chance to stand close to Mr. Ron, even just taking a look at him.

When she really stood by Mr. Ron's side, she found that her love for him was so strong. She knew that Ron and Holley were husband and wife and that they had a sweet time when they loved each other. However, when she saw them, she was still sad. She almost released all her emotions.

Seeing that his sister was in silence, Young Master Lei waved his hand and said, "Why are you unhappy? What does our Lei family do? Just go for him if you like him. If you can't get him, I will ask someone to take him back and make him yours. Don't worry. "

"But what I want is that he likes me, sincerely likes me and is willing to marry me."

She had her own persistence in love.

Young Master Lei understood his sister.

After all, it was the case with the Lei family. They would love the person they loved without changing whether they were alive or dead.

"Then you are bound to be single all your life. Mr. Ron said even if Holley is dead, he

ll right."

Holley didn't insist. She got their stuff with Ron. Then she just said goodbye to Teresa and went upstairs.

They arrived at the hotel.

Holley was so tired that she lay on the bed, "I'm so tired."

"Why didn't you say you were tired when you were shopping?"

Ron asked jokingly, but rushed over, "baby, thank you. My wounds have healed and there will be no more accidents. "

"Then be careful. You can untie the gauze the day after tomorrow."

Holley cleverly turned over to avoid the man.

Ron didn't insist because he was also tired.

Going shopping with girls was much more exhausting than beating a hundred people.

"But we have something important to do. What should we do?"

"What is it?"

Holley sat up in a sudden and asked.

Ron looked her up and down and asked, "are you sure you still have strength?"

"Of course."

After that, Holley added cautiously, "as long as you are serious, I absolutely have the strength."

"Seriously, I promise. I'm serious."

Ron said more seriously.

But the more serious he was, the more Holley felt that this man was not very decent.

"Well, is it as serious as I said?"

She probed.

Ron nodded formatively, "Very very serious. Trust me. And don't think about it with your little head."

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