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   Chapter 180 Being Jealous

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In the shopping mall.

There were already a lot of bags in the hands of Holley and Teresa. They couldn't take anything more.

They had no choice but to sit in the coffee shop and wait for the two men.

Ron and Young Master Lei found the two women according to their positions.

Looking at the large pack of bags on the nearby seats, they smiled bitterly at each other, but said nothing. They quietly took the bags on their hands.

Once they had enough labor force, the shopping enthusiasm of both Holley and Teresa was once again high.

Again, they swept more than half of the shopping mall.

Teresa was a frequent visitor here, but it was the first time for Holley to be here.

She was not like Teresa who bought fast.

Basically, she would only one when Teresa bought three or five things.

So, Ron got the chance to make fun of Young Master Lei, "See? Men only have good days when women love them. Alas, look at you. I guess you won't be able to help if your sister buys more."

"It only proves that you are too stingy to spend money for your wife. Why would she be so timid and afraid to buy?"

Young Master Lei responded impolitely.

The two men followed the two girls. They carried the heavy stuff forward while refining their knives to each other.

At the end, Young Master Lei became a coward. "Fortunately, you're here, Ron. If I were alone, I would have been lying on the ground. "

Ron smiled bitterly and nodded, "yes, this is the first time that I go shopping with a woman without a bodyguard."

"Do you want to do it again?"

Young Master Lei suddenly asked with a cunning smile.

As long as Ron said he didn't want it to happen again, he would tell Holley immediately.

However, Ron said with a smile, "I take it as exercise."

Young Master Lei almost spat out blood.

After all, his situation was not like that of Ron.

He was just accompanying his younger sister. Without the nourishment of love and the s

iled helplessly. "Girls are easy to make friends if they shop together. Look, Mr. Ron's attitude is so nice. He is not like you. It's rare for me to make a friend. Why don't you satisfied?"


Young Master Lei gave up. He patted on Ron's shoulder and said, "in one year, I won't threaten you with that."

Although he said so, he felt depressed. What was going on? Why he was trapped again by Holley?

However, Young Master Lei was not reconciled at all. He paused and added, "But you're a man, Ron. How can you ask your wife to carry bags? Are you a wuss with such a little stuff? "

"I am willing too. It's none of your business."

Holley interrupted Young Master Lei's words and said to Ron with a smile, "leave him alone."

"Give it to me."

Ron was a man. He didn't allow others to say that he didn't love his wife, nor did he allow others to say that he was coward.

Besides, he knew about his body. He didn't think there was any problem with his wound if he carried these things.

Holley frowned at his flaunting his superiority.

Ron walked over, hugged her and whispered, "I know what you mean. I'll be fine. "

After saying that, he took those shopping bags from Holley's hands.

Teresa looked away as she was jealous. "Brother, I'm a little tired. Let's go home."

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