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   Chapter 179 Coincidence! The Woman I Want to Marry

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Young Master Lei and Teresa walked side by side and took the ladder to the door.

When the cabin's door opened, Young Master Lei raised his head and greeted Holley, "what a coincidence! The woman I want to marry."

Teresa pushed her brother and said, "Brother, stop it. Miss ye and Mr. Ron have a good relationship. They come together. You lose the bet, so don't ruin their relationship anymore. "

After that, she took the lead to run up, opened her arms and gave Holley a warm hug, "nice to meet you again."

Holley didn't like Young Master Lei at all.

But she had a crush on Teresa.

Holley gave her a warm hug and continued, "I didn't expect that we would meet again in such a short time. But why do you two come here this time? "

Young Master Lei who was ignored by them leaned against the handrail wearily, "to destroy the relationship between you and Ron."


Teresa pouted with dissatisfaction. She turned around and grabbed Holley's hand. "Don't listen to my brother's nonsense. Our Lei family is doing a big business in Alaska, so my brother and I come here. As soon as we got off the plane, we saw Mr. Ron's private plane, so we came to say hello. "

Being embarrassed by his sister, Young Master Lei didn't say anything more. He could only shrug helplessly. "Yes, I'm here to say hello. Holley ye, I lost the bet. But it won't change the fact that you are the woman I want to marry."

"Young Master Lei, you never change. You are still thinking about my wife."

Ron heard the voice and came over. He heard nothing but the last sentence of Young Master Lei.

He asked impolitely. Then he directly walked over to Young Master Lei and asked, "do you want to have a fight?"

The staircase was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder.

Teresa pouted, "Let's go shopping. Just leave these two idiots alone here to fight."

"Okay, I'm afraid that we might be hurt by accident if we stay here."

Holley nodded. Then she walked down the staircase hand in hand with Teresa and took the private car to leave the airport.

Looking at the two leaving women and the luggage case at hand, Young Mast

, we can easily destroy Mr. Lan... "

Before he finished his words, he was stopped by a gesture made by Ron. He said, "Miss Lei is indeed excellent, but I have a person in my heart."

"What if Holley died?"

Young Master Lei's eyes flashed with ferocity.

He was testing Ron's bottom line.

There was a murderous look in Ron's eyes instantly.

His eyes could kill anyone instantly.

Even Young Master Lei was shocked by the killing intent and coldness in his eyes.

"Ron, the Lei family has no intention of killing. My silly sister said that she would wait for you all her life. It would be a blessing for her to wait until the opportunity that Holley died before you."

Young Master Lei was explaining while he indeed wanted to kill Holley just now.

Ron snorted. He knew Young Master Lei was lying, but he didn't debunk his lie. He just answered coldly, "I only have Holley in my life. Without her, I would rather die alone. "

"Okay, I see."

Young Master Lei smiled awkwardly. "My sister and Holley have arrived at a shopping mall. Do you want to put down your luggage or follow them?"

"Of course I need to put away my luggage first and then go to carry bags for her."

Ron answered and took it for granted.

Young Master Lei sneered, "you are really a slave of your wife."

After a pause, he added, "but it's a coincidence that I'm going to carry bags for my sister. Let's go together. "

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