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   Chapter 178 Time Reveals a Man’s Heart

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As soon as Holley came back, she saw that Ron turned off the computer.

"Are you trying to tell me that coincidentally you have finished your work and I'm here so you turn off your computer?"

Holley smelled conspiracy in the cabin.

Her intuition and instinct were telling her that Ron had taken her to Alaska, and that he must have some other intentions.

Ron didn't plan to hide anything from her. He just waved at her, beckoning her to sit beside him.

Ron opened the computer again and showed the Stock Exchange page to the little woman.

Holley was stunned.

She still remembered a little and she seemed having learnt before in the class.

But she couldn't understand, "What?"

Ron pointed at the stock of the Mu's Group and said, "See? Ten days ago, the stock price of the Mu's Group was the highest in the history, 120 dollars per share, and now it has dropped to the lowest rate in the history. It was 35 dollars just now, and now it is 33.2 dollars. "

"If it continues to fall, will the company be shut down?"

Holley was a little anxious. "Don't stay in Alaska. Let's hurry back. That Quinn Quan definitely didn't handle the distribution matter well. As the president of the company, you still come out to play. That's why the stock price of the company keeps going down. "

"Yes, that is it. You are right."

Ron smiled and then turned off his computer, "but your decision was wrong. We have to continue to stay in Alaska for ski, gambling, snow viewing and shopping. You can do whatever you want to do as long as you are happy. And remember to twitter it online."

"Then people in the company must be driven crazy with anger."

Holley shook her head in disagreement. "As President, you should be in the front line at this time. It's not good to come out and play. It will shake the heart of the employees. If I posted it online, will I surely annoy others? Even if the owner of the company doesn't treat the company seriously, will there be employees working hard there? In this way, the plot of Craig will succeed, and he will easily bring down your company."

"You are wrong."

Ron shook his head with a smile, "in the past few years, I have been completed my major business through Dark Night Organization. The Mu's Group had long

charge of this company is one of my friends. The company's business ability was good and it could support the deliver demand of the Mu's group. I have informed him to contact Quinn Quan. If Quinn Quan runs away, my grandfather will lay a hand in the dark and preside over the overall situation. So you don't worry, and just have fun. The Mu's Group would not go bankrupt. I will try my best to help you to investigate the things I have promised you. The Mu's Group will be your strongest backing, and it's also your capital that you don't need to look at anyone's face in the future."

With an imposing manner, Ron was building up a grand blueprint in the future.

He is a dominant person, and his design for the future is also overbearing.

Holley was indeed relieved.

Ron's full preparations for this matter were far beyond her imagination.

"You are awesome! You have done so many arrangements in just a few days."

This time, Holley praised sincerely.

She really admired Ron's arrangements.

Ron proudly raised his head, "Who am I? I'm your husband. How could your Holley's husband be bad?"

He was there boasting himself. Holley didn't bother to refute him. She just stood up and walked towards the gate.

Since Ron arranged everything, and she came to Alaska where she always wanted to go. She would naturally have fun.

Ron pressed a button and opened the gate of the airplane. Holley was so shocked that she stepped back.

To her surprise, she saw someone she didn't know very well…

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