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   Chapter 177 A Mysterious Moment

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Cuddled by Ron, she walked out of the company and got on the car.

Holley could hear the man's evil voice beside her ear, "well, the mysterious moment is about to begin."

While saying, he took out an eye patch and handed it to the little woman. "Wear it, and take it off at the destination."

"What? Why are you so mysterious?"

Holley protested.

Ron did not explain, but gently put the eye patch on his little woman.

"Well, let's go now."

He seemed not to be affected by the paralyzed supply chain at all, and even happier than usual.

"Are you hiding something? Your company is now in a mess. Why are you still in the mood to go out? "

As a woman, Holley's intuition was accurate.

She asked with doubt.

However, Ron just burst into laughter and said, "Take your time, my cutie. Don't think too much."

Holley didn't need to think about it, because he had considered these things and also made the best arrangement.

They drove all the way to the airport.

He stopped the car and grabbed her hand. "Come on. Let's get off the car."

"Have we arrived?"

Losing her patience, Holley reached out her hand and was about to take off the blindfold, but was stopped by Ron. "Not yet. Our trip has just begun."

"Just begin..."

Holley's face turned pale.

She didn't feel good to be a blind person.

On the way here, she felt the whole time seemed to stand still.

"Can't I take it off first? Is it necessary to wear the blindfold always? "

"Of course."

As Ron ignored her grumble, he held her head gently, helped her out of the car and get on the plane.

He was in a private plane.

After taking Holley on the plane, the plane took off.

Hearing that, Holley curled her lips with disdain and said, "I already know it. Now, we are in the plane. What's the point of not letting me see? "

"What I mean is to arouse your curiosity and make you have an appetite. Then I will show you the destination and you will be very happy. "

A smug smile spread over Ron's face. He directly pulled the little woman into his a

retended to change and left.

Looking at the little woman escaping in a hurry, Ron just smiled and watched her walk away before he took out his clothes.

Besides changing the clothes that matched the local season, Ron also took out his laptop from the suitcase.

He turned on the computer. He first set up the protection and then tampered with the IP address. Then he opened the file he needed.

That was the Stock Exchange page.

Ron found the shares of the Mu's Group and checked the stock price. Then he smiled with satisfaction.

The Mu's Group was in a mess. As the president and the first shareholder of the company, he went abroad with his beautiful wife on holiday.

Such news was directly reposted wildly by major portals and Internet celebrities.

After the news was spread, the stock price of the Mu's Group fell sharply for four hours in a row, which had dropped to the lowest rate in history, thirty-five dollars in each and there was a tendency to continue to fall.

This was the reason why Ron did no prevention before it occurred, but had chosen a young man to clean up his mess hastily after the incident, while he took his little wife abroad for a vacation.

As long as the stock price kept falling, he could collect all the stocks of the Mu's Group that had left outside at the minimum cost.

Also including the shares in Craig's hand.

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