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   Chapter 176 Means of Mr. Lan

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Next morning.

It was the first time that Ron appeared in the Mu's Group after the general shareholders' meeting.

He held Holley in his arms provocatively and went into President's Office under the gaze of the company's employees.

After sitting down, the first thing he dealt with was the project budget approval.

The efficiency of the financial department was very efficient. Half an hour after Ron signed on the approval sheet, the financial manager called to report that the funds had been paid.

Putting down the phone, Ron smiled at Holley, "the show is about to begin."

Seeing that the man was not nervous at all, Holley was more curious, "what secret have you left? How could you be so confident?"

"Take your time and you will know."

Ron's answer was always firm.

He had prepared for this for four years and he had thought of everything. Now he had nothing to worry about?

His only concern was that his little woman would be hurt again.

This time, however, he would take good care of her and would not give anyone any chance to harm her.

As soon as the funds were ready, Craig received the news.

He smirked coldly.

He had lost to Ron in the last confrontation. He wouldn't lose this time.

He walked to the window and opened it. Breathing the fresh air outside, Craig dialed a number with a smile. "Manager Wu's boat can leave now. Kill their family on the way. "

He said ruthlessly and then hung up the phone.

Half an hour later, the news reached Ron.

The manager of the subsidiary company in charge of logistics and distribution of Mu's Group made a huge sum of 80 million dollars and escaped from the country with his wife and children.

All employees of the subsidiary had been on strike because they had been in arrears for three months.

Soon the supply chain system of the Mu's Group was paralyzed.

The directors of all major operation departments came to Ron with a melancholy look and complained that their business could not go on normally.

t very well."

"Then I'm relieved. Go ahead with your work."

Ron waved his hand, indicating that he could leave now.

After Quinn Quan left, Holley asked in confusion, "We have a chance to know from Linda as early as possible who she put in the company. And we also have a chance to take precautions against the fact that the deliver chain has been completely paralyzed. Why don't we take action earlier but clear up the mess when things occur? "

Holley admitted that the man's emergency plan was good.

But it couldn't change the fact that he made a wrong decision before.

Ron didn't take it seriously and smiled, "Is it just a logistics chain that has paralyzed? It means nothing to me. I just think that there is no need for us to know something to bow to Linda. Besides, if I don't put her into prison this time, I will feel sorry for you. "

That was the truth, but not the whole reason.

There was another deep reason that he didn't want to explain it now.

"Is that simple?"

Holley asked incredulously.

Ron nodded, "Of course. That's all."

After saying that, he stood up with a smile and took Holley's hand. "Follow me."

"Where are we going?"

"You'll know when we get there."

Ron put on a mysterious smile and dragged Holley into his arms from the sofa. "One place that I promise you will love."

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