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   Chapter 174 Stop Talking Like That

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She knew clearly that it was meaningless to be obedient and please Mr. Lan.

Linda had to keep reminding him that she was useful by putting out her chips.

Craig just glanced at this woman contemptuously and said with sympathy, "you are so naive. No wonder you were dumped by Ron. Don't you think I will contact them after you tell me their names? Do you think I, Mr. Lan, can't deal with them? "


Linda realized that she had made a mistake.

She shouldn't have told Craig all those names.

She should have held back for herself.

Regret, grievance and all kinds of negative emotions surged up in her heart. When she saw that the hand of Craig grasped on the doorknob, Linda knew that she would spend a period of dark days in prison if she couldn't find a way out.

"No, Mr. Lan, please trust me. Mr. Ron told me that Holley knew how to use witchcraft. Something is wrong with Holley ye... "

Craig didn't want to listen to such crazy words anymore.

He pushed open the door of the examination room ruthlessly.

The police officers rushed into the room and dragged Linda out.

"No! No way! "

She didn't want to go back to the police station, be taken into custody, or wait for the court trial.

She couldn't stand those dark days. She cried, "I want to see Mr. Ron. I want to see Mr. Ron..."

In the next room, Holley pushed the man beside her and said, "She wants to see you? Why don't you hurry up?"

"Are you jealous?"

Ron only felt a little funny and asked.

Holley rolled her eyes at him. "There is nothing to be jealous of. It's your old lover who wants to see you. I'm afraid that you won't be able to sleep well if you don't see her. "

"Girl, why are you so jealous?"

Ron couldn't understand. He didn't do anything excessive. Why did this little woman always satirize him when she talked?

Holley didn't know why she was so upset.

"In order to let Linda follow you steadfastly, and don't mind the relationship between you and me, you can make up the nonsense story that I

nt of the project is paid. Since the Mu's Group invests the first money and he accepts the Mu's Group after it goes bankrupt, he will be able to afford a small expense. Is that true? "

"Yes, that's it. My baby, you are so smart. "

Ron smiled and gently pinched her cheek.

But Holley just pushed his hand away and replied coldly, "We're just speaking. Don't be so flirty."

"I didn't move my feet. Don't wrong me."

Ron said in a serious tone.

Holley retorted to him, "Even a gentleman doesn't resort to force."

"I'm not a gentleman."

Ron laughed, stood up and threw himself at his little woman, "I'm a scumbag, verified by you."

"Ron, you come to bully me because you are almost recovered."

Holley shouted while running.

As he smiled, Ron caught up with her and pulled her into his arms. "It's all your credit. If you didn't take good care of me with your heart, I am not feeling much better now."

After saying that, he reached out and was about to kiss her cheek.

Just then, someone opened the door with a key.

As soon as the door was opened, she saw that. Ms. Tien was stunned. "Young Master, Young Mistress, I don't know you are busy. Sorry to disturb. I will leave first."

Then Ms. Tien closed and locked the door again.

Outside the villa, there was a slight sense of anxiety and worry in Ms. Tien's eyes.

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