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   Chapter 173 Little Temptress

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"Tell me."

Craig smiled with interest.

That was why he was willing to come to the police station.

After all, Linda had been with Ron for a long time, so she at least knew a little about his secrets.

And the secrets were what he Craig needed.


Suddenly, Linda stopped talking.

She had suffered a lot of losses. This time, she had to be more cautious. "You bail me out first, and I'll tell you the secret."

"How dare you bargain with me?"

Craig snorted and was about to leave.

"The secret is very important, Craig. If I told you but you don't help me, Mr. Ron would have sent me to jail and punish me to death. So you have to promise me my freedom first and get me free of charge. Otherwise, I'd rather be in jail. "

Linda would do anything for her freedom.

Actually, she didn't want to tell him about it.

But now, she had no choice but to take the risk.

After some hesitation, Craig turned around and said, "I won't let you get away with it, neither will I bail you out. I'll ask the lawyer to give you an opportunity to apply for an extra judicial medical treatment. I will measure how much human and financial resources I would spend on that secret. Of course, if you tell me something useless, I promise that I will let you die before you get in prison."

He threatened so menacing.

Linda shivered but insisted saying, "My secret is worthy of you to save me."

Soon, Ron heard what happened in the police station.

Fabian was almost driven mad by him. Now he got a chance to take a rest.

When Ron stopped asking about why his grandmother asked him to pay attention to every detail of Holley, Fabian was the first one to open his mouth. "Wow, do you have any secret that has been known by Linda? Is it a hidden disease? "

Hearing Fabian's words, Holley was stunned. She suddenly realized and said, "Oh, I see. You are infertile, so you have been with Linda for four years, but she is not pregnant."

Fabian breathed a long sigh of relief in his heart. He didn't believe that Ron would still have the mood to continue to ask


Linda limped after him, "Mr. Lan, trust me. It's all true. Mr. Ron also threatened me that he would kill me if I told others the secret. I told you the truth. Otherwise, why did Mr. Ron put Holley into prison four years ago? He found out that woman was a temptress and couldn't accept that. That's why he took her to the prison ruthlessly. But Holley's demon is too... "

Before she finished her words, she got a heavy slap on her face.

"Stop talking nonsense. Cherish your last freedom."

Craig said coldly.

For him, this woman was no longer of use.

In the next room, Ron, holding his little woman in his arms, whispered in her ear with a wicked smile, "did you hear that? Linda said that you were a temptress. But for me, you are a temptress."

Holley felt both angry and funny.

Was Linda crazy?

Where was the temptress? They were all ancient legends!

"My little temptress, the show is over. We should go now."

Ron teased.

Holley pouted, "I shouldn't have come if I knew she said such crazy words. Go home and have a good rest. It's so good for your recovery. "

When they were about to take off the bug, they heard Linda's voice again from the next room, "Mr. Lan, you can't burn the bridge after crossing it. Now the river hasn't passed. Without me, none of the people I cultivated in the Mu's Group would listen to your orders and help you. "

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