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   Chapter 172 Inhuman When You Have Your Wife

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As Fabian was saying, the muscles on his face were tugged fiercely. "Ron, you are so inhuman when you have your wife."

Ron just gave a faint smile and said, "if he can't think for his wife so easily, what a loser he is!"

Fabian cleaned the table, brewed a pot of tea and said, "I thought Holley was a member of my grandma's love affair. Last year, I did find that my grandma had a tragedy love when she was young. And at that time, my grandma got pregnant before marriage which was fashionable. But the baby died at the birth of it. But it's just a rumor. No one saw the body of my grandma's child, so I thought I was very close to the truth. "

"I got Miss Ye's hair and took a DNA test, then I found that she has no blood relationship with anyone in my family."

Finishing his words, Fabian shrugged his shoulders and said, "as for this, we lost all the clues. Besides, my grandma can't seduce Holley. So she asked me to keep an eye on her? I asked my grandma about it several times, but she just told me that I could only pay attention to Holley, and no need to care about nothing else. One time I asked too far and my grandma said that, I was a devoted doctor and I didn't take care of my family's business. Now am I even unwilling to do such a small thing? My grandma also said that, if I don't do it, she will get someone else to replace me."

Fabian was helpless too. He didn't know the truth and had been scolded again.

In desperation, he had to continue to do what he thought would make him look like a pervert.

"I have investigated Holley's whole family. I didn't know she has anything to do with my family. I also don't know what my grandma is thinking about. Sometimes I even doubt if I have noticed the wrong person. But that year, my grandma personally named Holley Ye and asked me to pay attention. She also gave me her present photos at that time. The person is correct. But I don't know why... "

Fabian si

that Ron would help Holley with this matter.

What's more, she didn't expect that the Shen family would also be involved, and Mr. Shen vented his anger for her daughter and would send her to prison anyway.

Now, the only hope she could rely on was Craig.

Even though she knew that there was only profit and transaction between Mr. Lan and her, she still called that man helplessly.

But that man was also cruel. He didn't even answer her phone.

"Help me. If I am in jail, the power of the Mu's Group won't work for you."

Linda had no choice but to send a message to Craig to inform him her situation.

Her text message was like a stone sank in the sea.

Linda thought Mr. Lan wouldn't care about her, but she didn't expect him to appear at the police station in the afternoon.

"Help me."

Linda saw Mr. Lan as if he was her life-saving straw.

With a cold face, Craig remained unmoved.

He was cruel and heartless. "I never make more efforts for useless people. Because that kind of hard work is no different from wasting. Linda, I can save you, but it depends on whether you are useful or not and whether you deserve my help."

Linda remained silent.

After a long while, she suddenly looked up and said, "I know a secret about Ron. It's worth you saving me."

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