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   Chapter 171 You Are Getting Bad

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Holley thought she was a person who had experienced something.

But when she saw the photos of the whole room, she was also shocked. At last, she took a deep breath.

"Is the doctor out of his mind?"

This was the only reason she could think of to explain why the doctor's house was filled with her photos.

As for Ron, he was also shocked, and his face was even a bit livid.

Because the pictures in the doctor's room were obviously taken secretly by the doctor.

The photos were taken seven or eight years ago when Holley went to high school.

It meant that the doctor had targeted Holley for a long time and even took many pictures of her.

"I have never discovered..."

This took Ron by great surprise and astonishment.

He murmured.

Holley looked back in disbelief. "You don't even know that you have never been to the doctor's home?"

Ron nodded, "I haven't been here before."

"Can you still open the door of the doctor's house through the pupil?"

Holley glanced at the man beside her with some disgust.

She thought that Ron was trying to evade his responsibility so he said he didn't know.

Ron rubbed his forehead and sighed, "I've known the doctor for ten years. The house here was originally mine, but later for him to live. So he hadn't changed the door. Although the doctor is not always in this city, I don't have to see what's given outside. So... "

He explained seriously with his hands spread out.

He really didn't want that little woman to misunderstand him again.

Although he was not a gentleman in her heart, he still hoped to keep some good things in her heart.

"Ron, did you screw up your wound?"

The doctor Fabian's happy voice came from the door, breaking the embarrassment between Holley and Ron.

Holley crouched down and hid behind a chair. "Please help me ask about the photos," she whispered to Ron.

Actually, even if she didn't mention it, Ron would ask the doctor.

When Fabian came in, he saw Ron and looked at the pictures in the room. He was embarrassed.

During very long time, nobody came to visit him, so he had directly hung the pictures all over the wall.

as just like a peeping Tom, who kept taking pictures of her.

Hearing Holley's voice, the doctor was frightened and stepped back.

He jumped up immediately and pointed to Holley. "Why are you here?"

"Ron, you promised me not to let Holley know it."

Fabian suddenly felt that his conspiracy was exposed. He pointed at Ron and complained.

Ron shrugged his shoulders and added, "I didn't promise you not letting Holley know it, but that I wouldn't tell Holley. Besides, it was you who told her about it. "

"You two are going too far!"

The doctor stared angrily at Holley and said, "you were fine. You were influenced by Ron to be bad. Let me tell you something. Last time, when I took a bath with Ron, he insisted on going upstairs. I couldn't stop him at all... "

In fact, Fabian was not really angry with them at all. He intentionally slander Ron. But unexpectedly, almost at the same time.

Ron and Holley said together, "Don't change the topic."

The doctor rubbed his forehead and said, "I've told you everything I know."

"Don't you doubt anything? Have you ever investigated something in private?" Ron blurted out, "when you came to this city, you told me that you had something important to do. Last year, you said that you had found an important clue. You were talking about your grandmother who asked you to keep an eye on my wife, right? Now, please tell me your clues and discoveries about her! "

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