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   Chapter 170 My Sweetheart

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Holley regretted immediately.

What was she talking about?

How could the jail four years ago be wiped out just by a certificate.

Besides, that man was smart Mr. Ron, so it was easy for him to get a certificate.

"I'm just joking. Don't take it seriously."

Holley denied and avoided his eyes.

Ron nodded and said, "that makes sense. It happened four years ago. We shouldn't let it go so easily."

He gripped Holley's hand and said, "let's go. I need to see a doctor."

His words reminded Holley that the man had said his wound had broken again.

Holley's heart softened.

"What happened to you wound? Is it serious? Should we deal with it first? "

"Help me get into the car and send me to the doctor's. that will be enough."

As he said, the man raised his hand and touched the little woman's head. "Little fool, I will be fine. I will not fall down myself. For you and for me... "

Ron said very emotionally.

Holley's heart was touched.

She couldn't see through the man, but she still stood up to help Ron get into the car.

Then, Ron and Holley left.

All of a sudden, Nancy, who was lying on the ground, opened her eyes and took a resentful glance at the leaving man and the leaving woman.

Just now, she was in extreme pain and almost fainted.

She knew that if she was still sober and her eyes were open, Ron would do everything to make her life miserable, so she chose to pretend to pass out to escape those cold injuries.

As for Ron and Holley, they almost thought that there was no outsider in the villa, and she fainted, so they spoke without scruple.

Hearing their conversation, Nancy could tell something unusual.

She was hurt and about to die, but she persisted with her inner will all the time.

She suddenly felt that all the hardships she had gone through today were worth it.

Because she knew the secret between Ron and Holley. As long as she could live, she would spare no effort to avenge her child.

a daze.

Holley was more stunned than before.

Her dull appearance was more lovely than ever.

Cute, this word could be used to describe this little woman.

"What's wrong?"

Holley felt that the whole thing was weird.

She looked back casually and heard the man beside her saying, "don't you know? The medicine is bitter and the doctor is not in a good mood. I need sugar to feed myself in this case."

Holley knew about it.

She nodded. She still didn't think it had anything to do with her.

"You are my candy, my sweetheart."

When the man said this, there was a passionate and evil smile on his lips.

"Be serious, or I can inherit your heritage at ease."

Imitating that man's tone, Holley rolled her eyes at him and was about to raise her hand to knock on the door.

Ron once again stopped her and said, "little fool, it's not that troublesome."

After saying that, he looked up at the pupil scanner on the door.

Only those who had been confirmed by their identities were qualified to enter the doctor's home.

The door opened. Ron held the little woman's hand and walked in.

While walking, he shouted, "help! Help! Doctor! Help!"

But when he walked through the yard and into the room, Ron was shocked.

He had seen numerous pictures of Holley in the doctor's room...

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