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   Chapter 169 Don't Compare Yourself with Her

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Nancy had no method.

Judging from the tone of Mr. Ron, she knew that it was impossible to go through the previous matter.

Now, her only chip was the baby in her womb.

In the living room, among the three people who could control her fate, only Master Mu might help her.

Nancy had grasped this life-saving straw of Master Mu. She shouted pain constantly.

Master Mu yelled at his bodyguards decisively, "Why are you still standing there? Send her to the hospital."

Ron took a step ahead and came to Nancy.

"Let me do it."

With his back to his grandpa, he said lightly.

Neither his grandpa nor Holley noticed that there was harshness in Ron's eyes.

In the next second, under everyone's stunned gaze, Ron carried Nancy up directly.


Master Mu knew his grandson very well.

He knew what his grandson was going to do without thinking much.

He wanted to stop him, but what he said couldn't be faster than his grandson's actions.

Ron didn't go to the hospital with Nancy in his arms, but to the second floor instead.

He was standing at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Without blinking his eyes, he threw Nancy down from the second floor.

The sound of something heavy hitting the floor could be heard.

And there was even the scream of Nancy.

The height of the second floor was not very high, only three or four meters.

Ron's technique was quite good. With all his strength, it was not fatal.

When she was finally thrown downstairs, Nancy didn't know what had happened.

She thought the baby in her stomach would be her amulet.

But she didn't know it was also her death warrant.

She curled up in pain at a corner of the living room on the first floor, her body constantly twitching, and blood flowing from her body.

Ron walked downstairs slowly.

He stood by the side of Nancy and made a phone call which would let Nancy be in despair for the

mpare you with that kind of woman. Don't you know what kind of person Nancy is? To me, you are my only treasure. "

"Then why did you hook up with those whores?"

Holley said emotionally.

She asked back, shaking her head. "Answer me. If you looked them down and they were not your treasure but why did you hook up with them? Why should you sent your treasure to prison? Should it be that four years ago, you were just out of your mind, and four years later, you are back to normal?"

Ron was silent.

This little woman was really going to give him a problem.

This question was hard to answer.

After thinking for a while, Ron said, "then you understand me like this. You can think that I was out of my mind, okay?"

He coaxed and tried to persuade her, "honey, don't be bothered by the past. What's the point? That's what you should see in the future. That's what we should do. "


Holley nodded and sneered, "You would explain what happened in the past four years with you being out of mind and being abnormal? Don't you think it's ridiculous? If you get mental disease, you can get the test result and I'll forgive your mood swings. "

"Really?" Ron asked as if he had found some treasure, "Will you forgive me if I can show you the test report?"

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