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   Chapter 168 Stomachache

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Hearing Holley's words, Nancy was shocked.

A bad feeling haunted her.

The only thing she could hope was that the housekeeping aunt would not sell her after she accepted her money.

The bodyguards who dragged away the housekeeping aunt stopped.

Then Holley held Ron's hand and walked towards them.

Before she opened her mouth, she smiled and gently asked, "Auntie, you've been burnt by hot water. Do you feel pain?"

That aunt said nothing.

Holley didn't mind.

She knew that this aunt was Nancy's people, but the cooperation between them should not be reliable.

As long as she worked hard, she could find the loophole to disintegrate the not reliable union of them.

"Auntie, how long have you been here?"

The housekeeping aunt still kept silent.

Holley lowered her head and sighed with pity and sympathy. "In fact, it's your fortune to work in the Mu family. You will be paid enough money, and your food, clothing, transportation and accommodation will also be very favorable. But why don't you seize the opportunity at all? How can you do such a thing in just a few days? Perhaps you haven't found out that the Mu family's villa is also under surveillance, right? "

Holley raised her voice as she spoke.

She was no longer gentle. There was no smile on her face anymore and there was only her coldness.

She looked at the housekeeping aunt coldly, "so, are you going to admit your guilt until I show you the surveillance video?"

The housekeeping aunt trembled with fear.

The plan of harming Holley between Nancy and her was also carried out in the villa.

If there was a surveillance video...

The housekeeping aunt dared not to think about the consequence.

At the same time, Nancy was also in a panic.

She just didn't expect that there was someone monitoring at home.

But Holley said formatively.

Nancy looked around and began to search for the camera.

As for the aunt, although she was scared, she didn't say anything.

"Auntie, I know you didn't arrange this. It would be boring to talk through surveillance. If you want to get your punishment via law, I w

knelt down.

"My Lord, I'm wrong. You brought me here, but as the mother of the child, I just want to do more for the child. Mr. Ron and Young Mistress love each other so much that I'm afraid that the baby won't be able to get any father's love after he is born. "

"I didn't mean to plot against Mrs. Holley. I just hope that they don't love each other so much. I just hope that Mr. Ron can give more time and love to our child. I was selfish, but isn't every mother selfish? Grandpa, please help me.

Tell Mr. Ron not to blame me. "

She was good at talking and begged the right person.

In this case, even if she was very wrong, Master Mu would not ignore her.

Sure enough, Master Mu stopped and turned around, "it's Holley who was wronged. Why do you beg me?"

He seemed to ignore this matter, but actually he pointed out a bright way for Nancy.

He pointed the way, which meant that he hoped Holley would not look into what had happened just now.

"Grandpa, I will seek justice for my wife. This matter will never end. In our Mu family, we can't afford to raise a woman who likes making trouble, right?"

Ron said resolutely.

He was worrying about having no chance to vent his anger on Nancy. How could he miss this great opportunity?

'it would be better if Nancy could have an abortion.'

While Ron was thinking, Nancy suddenly covered her belly with her hands, "Ah! It hurts..."

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