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   Chapter 167 Are You Sure This Is the Truth

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"Mrs. Holley, the water is so hot. What if it is poured on a person?"

Nancy was sitting on the sofa in a comfortable manner.

She tapped the cup with her fingers and smiled grimly.

She had been in a feud with Holley for a long time. She had thought that the status of Mrs. Mu would never be affected by her for the rest of her life and that she would never fight against her.

However, God blessed her and she had Mr. Ron's child.

This is her capital of being a mother of Mr. Ron's child.

To some extent, Nancy believed that she was the real Mrs. Mu.

But Holley would lose the name of Mrs. Mu sooner or later.

Because Master Mu had told her that what the Mu family needed was a Young Mistress who was able to give birth to children who carry on their family name.

Nancy looked down at Holley, and she couldn't help but chuckle.

"Are you afraid?"

She challenged.

Holley sat opposite her.

Hearing her question, Holley frowned slightly. "You want to play? Pass me a cup of water and spill my suit by accident? Or do you want to play tricks by spilling water on you and framing me for hurting you?"

With a faint smile, Nancy put down the cup and said, "you're wrong. They're just two boring games. I am highly educated. It's a waste of not using my high IQ, right?"

She winked at the housekeeping aunt who was cleaning behind her.

That housekeeping aunt was crazy.

She picked up the hot water and directly poured it on her own body.

'what a vicious woman! She is so cruel that everyone will be scared of her!' thought Holley.

The housekeeping aunt poured a cup of hot water directly from her abdomen to her legs and shins.

Then, there was a series of screams coming from Nancy and a miserable scream from the housekeeping aunt, echoing in the villa.

Even the sound of cup falling on the ground was covered up.

It was a trap.

Nancy could accuse Holley of pouring water over the housekeeping aunt.

Or, the housekeeping aunt could jump out and said that Holley wanted t

at she had done.

Why did she choose to behave sensibly in front of Master Mu.

If she had known that Master Mu would act like this, she would have worked with the housekeeping aunt to set Holley up.

She felt like she was just lifting a stone and throwing it at her own feet.

Ron saw it clearly.

He knew what kind of person Holley was.

That little woman would never do such a thing as pouring hot water on people.

The loss of her confidant was not a punishment in Ron's eyes.

He said indifferently to Nancy, "What's wrong with you? Was the aunt directed by you to tell a lie to frame my wife?"

"No, it's not like that."

Nancy denied resolutely.

Ron snorted, "if it is not you, then shut up. You don't have to pretend to be noble in the Mu family. Since you don't have the heart to leave the aunt, you can leave the Mu family with her. "

"I..." Nancy stuttered.

She bowed her head and stopped talking.

After weighing up, she knew that the housekeeping aunt poured the hot water in vain.

She had already missed the best opportunity, and it was impossible to frame Holley again by this.

The more she said, the more suspicious she would be.

It seemed that she had to stop talking about the matter of pouring the hot water.

Just as she thought that the matter had been over, Holley suddenly said, "aunt!"

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