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   Chapter 166 The Problem Resolved by Fate

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"We'll go there in the afternoon."

There was another good play about Linda being arrested by the police station.

He and Holley were supposed to be there.

However, his grandpa, who was always tolerant, became angry now. "You have done such a good thing, and now you even want me to clean up the mess. Do you want me to wait? "

Master Mu seemed very angry.

When he hung up the phone, Ron was embarrassed.

He didn't do anything, nor did he need his grandfather to clean up the mess for him.

What a headache.

"Let's go. Grandpa might be angry with you because of the company business. After all, the company has been losing money again and again because of you. "

Holley reminded kindly.

Ron pondered it over and then shook his head.

He had explained the whole thing to his grandfather.

Grandpa should understand.

As far as he knew his grandpa, Grandpa wouldn't get angry for such insignificant things.

"Don't bother. Let's go now. Have a seat. I'll drive. "

Urged Holley.

But she didn't dare to start the car.

Ron's wound was too severe to afford the car crashing.

What if his wound reopened because of carelessness? It would be a severe accident.

Ron nodded, but was not reconciled.

He was hesitating if he should call grandpa and bargaining with him.

Holley grabbed the phone from his hand and asked impatiently, "is there anything more important than going to see Grandpa?"

"For you."

"All members of the police station are going to catch Linda right now," Ron answered seriously. Don't you want her to be arrested and put in jail? "

Holley was stunned.

It turned out that he wanted to bargain for her at the expense of disobedience to his grandfather.

But Linda's bad luck of being arrested was really not so attractive to her.

What she wanted to know the most was what had happened four years ago?

'why did it turn out like what the doctor talked with him last night?

"Let's go. It doesn't matter."

Then, Holley started th

with everything in these days. Before the baby was born, everything would have an end. I will never allow anyone to stir up trouble in the Mu family. Do you understand? "

Ron was silent.

Because everything Grandpa said was reasonable.

What's more, what his grandfather was doing now was the best thing that the Mu family could do in this case.

Ron took a deep breath and nodded, "Grandpa, thank you for helping me with this big trouble."

"It's useless for just me to help him. You have to recognize the baby. What's more, you are going to hold a press conference to announce the news of the baby being openly recognized. "

Staring at his grandson with great anxiety, Master Mu stressed the most important thing.


Ron hesitated. It was right and what he should do.

But he couldn't help but think of Holley.

"Ron, you have to solve your real emotional problems by yourself. Since you don't have the heart to hurt her, you should have signed the divorce papers right away at that time. Since you chose not to divorce her, it means that you have already chosen to face everything with you for her."

He patted his grandson on the shoulder, and Master Mu stopped persuading him.

In the living room of the first floor.

Shaking the cup of hot water in her hand, Nancy gave a vicious smile at Holley.

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