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   Chapter 164 Not for Money

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Ron answered seriously.

Looking back, Holley fixed her eyes on the man opposite her.

They stood face to face, so close that they could hear each other's heartbeats, but they couldn't feel each other's heart.

She didn't know what he was thinking and how many secrets he had that she couldn't know.

With a sigh, Holley nodded as she replied drowsily, "I'm a little tired. I want to go to bed. Good night."

'Didn't he lie to her?'

Ron thought to himself.

"Girl, do you want me to tell you anything special about the doctor?"

In order to convince his little woman and to prevent Holley from knowing that he was hiding something from her, Ron decided to sell out the doctor.

"No, I don't want to know."

Raising her head, Holley shook her head and refused, "that's the doctor's secret. If he wants to say it, just let me know from him. If he doesn't want to tell me, I also don't want to know it from others. "

After saying that, she yawned, "ah, I'm so sleepy."

As she was so sleepy, Ron couldn't say anything more.

But he could clearly feel that the last sentence she said was against him.

But how could she know his secret? Since she couldn't even guess the reason, what could she suspect?

Ron rubbed his head and stopped thinking.

Anyway, his little woman would not be his burden in this matter.

Just as the doctor said, if he told the truth to her, she would be more helpful for him.

But that would only make her more dangerous.

Ron hoped that she would know it later.

Anyway, she would find out the truth one day if she was with him.

The next day.

At ten o'clock.

Shares transfer completed on time.

Holding the share transfer agreement, Mr. Shen looked at Ron and said, "if you can't let my daughter be released without charge, all members of Shen family won't let you go."

"How could it be impossible?"

A meaningful smile appeared on Ron's face.

Lucia was originally innocent.

In fact, the whole thing had nothing to do with her.

But she was willing to jump in at

ntinued, "according to the time, the police officers of the police station have arrived at the Xia family for arrest the real murderer. Don't you take the opportunity to get a fortune? "

Mr. Shen went silent.

He had a clear mind.

He understood what Ron meant by get some fortune, and it was true that he could ruthlessly extort money from the Xia family.

But in his emotions, he hated Ron so much that he simply didn't want to accept his kind reminder.

It was because this Ron who said that he believed in the law and would not wrongly accuse innocent people.

But what was the truth? His daughter was innocent. Although Ron knew that there was another murderer, he insisted on dealing with his daughter.

Ron's intention was dirty and unbearable.

For money, for shares, he had played all kinds of tricks, to the extreme.

"Holley ye, I guess the reason why you were sent to jail that year was that Mr. Ron tried every means to get money and shares, right?"

Mr. Shen asked weirdly and then left with his men.

It was better to get some benefits from the Xia family to make up for the loss than to confront Ron Mu.

Mr. Shen left.

Ron suddenly turned around. He held the little woman's arm tightly and said, "listen to me, Holley. As for what happened four years ago, I didn't do anything for money or shares. Do you know? It can't be! "

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